Caned in the Dungeon

I find myself now becoming more of a caning purist.
I see it as an art form as im something of a Posterior Decorator with my canes, and very particular about those that I use, and on whom I use them.
I know many of you may be quite proficient with a cane but judging from some of the photographs I see on the net many haven’t a clue how to use one safely and correctly and the differences between a sensual caning a discipline caning and a hell of a mindless beating.
Some time ago I found myself in a dungeon with a few friends and a female slave who loved to be caned and being a gentleman I didn’t want to disappoint her and miss out on caning her superb bottom cheeks.
I hope you agree the caning all went very well indeed




The cane used Is a crook handled Dragon cane from Quality Control  see my links page



Caned in Suspender Tights


I have always enjoyed caning a nice bottom either female or male but this is generally done  across a tight pair of  /knickers//panties  or underpants/shorts. or bare bottom if its a cold discipline caning.

I have four canes  supplied by Quality Control see my links page

Senior Kaboo.

Junior Dragon.

Senior Dragon


At the weekend  I used my Senior Dragon and cold Discipline caned a bottom encased in a pair of suspender tights.

As you can see the results were very satisfying and a visual enjoyment

please feel free to leave comments as usual.

DSC_0017 (2)  DSC_0019 (2)DSC_0016 (2)Yes those of you who are sharp eyed will notice a few lower strokes across the top of the thighs these are to be remember when sitting down very effective as part of a  consensual caning session as this was to help improve behaviour and its working.

Moving on

Hello everyone

I should just like to thank all my followers and supporters and those who have helped my stats to zoom over the last 12 months,  but now its time for a change time to evolve and move onwards with a new image and a fresh ID so from now onwards  this blog will be provided by Thrashthem.

Members photos


First of all a big thank you to everyone who have been following my blog so many of you.

Things have been a little quiet here recently as im in the middle of a house  move,  but im sure I shall have some more blogs for you over the coming months.

I would be very interested  in hearing from anyone who has purchased any item directly from reading my blog and would love to see any photos of the item in use?

Please send  your photos and stories about there use to

Thank you


A Happy Spanking Christmas

I should just like to wish all my readers a very happy Christmas.
Thank you for all your comments and a special thanks to those who have re blogged my posts on their sites and have featured my posts as spanking of the week.
I hope to continue bringing you interesting informative blogs along with plenty of good old fashioned spankings.
Speaking of spanking I hope these images taken specially for you are a real Christmas treat.
Xmas spank

Xmas spank2

Xmas spank3

Xmas spank4

Xmas spank5

My new Reformatory Cane

My new Reformatory kooboo crooked handle cane is 10-12mm dia. the thickest kooboo its quite stiff and feels thuddy. Softer and less intense than dragon. Length 80-90cm approx.
Price £ 20.00 from Quality Control see my links page.

My sub was the first to try it on her dellecrable bottom



No lasting marks but  very effective for discipinei


A Caning by request

A few Weeks ago I was approached by a Dominant who requested a canning for his submissive/slave this was something she wanted to experience  in a Headmaster s study.

After several conversations limits were agreed and a date was set for her to visit my Detention room.

On arrival she was told to go to the desk lift her skirt lower her knickers and bend over.

I gave her 12 with the Senior Kaboo the 12 with the junior Dragon by which time I felt she had had enough and allowed her to stand up and rub her bottom .

I rarely give cold cannings and normaly spank beforehand to warm up the bottom but in this case just the cane was require as they wanted to be able to see the cane marks for a few days afterwards.



Her Dominant was present and observing at all times to see the effect s as they developed they were very pleased with the results land I dont think it will be long before  she is in my study again