The Strap of Redemption

aIn  blogging this latest review I should first like to state that  I have not received any freebies or inducements to do so, and that  I do so only because of the love I have for spanking and the  cp scene worldwide, and my enthusiasm to share with the community and educate any newcomers to the scene on potential future  purchases of quality craftsmanship.
This is the first of two implement reviews on behalf of  http://www.ouch.uk.com a very creative workshop producing high quality scene related  leather goods.

The Strap of Redemption based on the  Peterhead strap “design.

It was my pleasure to test this new strap out over several weeks at different spanking events on many different willing bottoms including my own submissive , the results were very satisfying  indeed a wonderful implement to wield and smack down on a well filled  pair of cheeks both female male and cd tv etc.

At first I was unsure of this new design as it was long  measuring some 25 inches long just over 2 inches wide 16mm thick at the handle end tapering to 7 to 8 mm at the business end made of finest English bridle/stirrup butt with 8 buffalo hide stiffener at the handle end  but its all a matter of practise and after first testing it out on my girl holding it at arms length and placing the tip on her left cheek and tapping it down several times increasing in speed and strength  it  gave a very stinging result  im told,  then measuring it across both cheeks and slapping it down using the supple leather as you would any  tawse belt strap of various kinds  to impart a good lesson in discipline.

This is a well constructed implement that delivers the goods big time in my opinion and a real collectors piece, not the cheapest candy in the box  but definitely the most exciting to unwrap

Available in black brown and Saddle tan , Price £115 which includes postage within UK , rest of the world Add £12. .
included can be  two Initials embossed .F.O.C. Via the bespoke /custom department it is also available in cutom colours . Red , Regency Green ,Antique Burgandy , Blue ,ect .as well as contrast stitching if required ,, please contact via ouch.enquiries@btinternet.com. for further details /prices and to discuss your exact requirements for personaliised strap .
Many clients want something that is customised to them. Ouch

work hard to deliver on this




A Time for Discipline

It has been some time since I have felt the need to apply firm discipline to my submissive because in general she is very attentive to my needs and wishes and does everything to please her Master but  just recently she confessed to having been very irresponsible and had given out her bank details to an online company  without first thinking it through , they had a few days later taken two large amounts of money out of her account and left her financially strained, she felt very stupid about this and regretted it dearly, she also admitted to having started biting her nails again. Feeling very stupid and sorry for herself she as so many times in the past requested that I discipline her for being so stupid in her words and added that she wished to be able to feel her punishment for a few days afterwards to remind her to think in future before acting so quickly and unwisely.

Having stripped down  to only a short  slip I had her bend over my knee for a long firm bare hand bare bottom spanking concentrating on her lower cheeks and sit spot until a warm red glow was produced to her bare cheeks I then had her stand up and bring me the short tawse strap which I used with her to begin with over my knee then in the diaper position something she dislikes a lot as it stings but this was discipline after all, I then sent her to the corner to reflect for a short while before having her bend over my desk for the cane.

It has to be said that my submissive has a very high pain threshold and she can be a bit of a pain slut so getting the correct level of discipline with her has been learnt over some 8 years of our relationship and I now pride myself on knowing exactly when enough is enough and when a much needed lesson has been learnt and not about my own self gratification and taking advantage of a situation to go over the top something I have seen far to many tines for my liking on certain well known fetish and spanking related websites. It is not in my nature to be over zealous when inflicting discipline  for me its more about the control but there is a time for fun and there is A time for discipline..


The ShoeHorn (making spanking work for you)

Hello It has been some time since my last posting as my life has moved on somewhat over the last 12 months and my new home is not quite so spanking friendly due to a closer proximity to neighbour’s etc. so I now have to be more careful about having screaming crying females running around holding red hot bottom cheeks, I gest of course that was a joke, but yes I do need to pick my moments and with the dark nights now drawing in and people inside earlier with televisions turn up I can be more spanking proactive but have now moved away from using loud spanking implements such as wooden hairbrushes paddles etc. and prefer the quiet swish of my canes across bare bottoms also a wonderful find at a flea market antique fare of a very old ivory hairbrush silent and deadly lol. During my new adventures into finding quieter implements I hand under my nose without realising it a long handled quite strong black plastic shoehorn I purchased from E bay some time ago, this is a wonderful little item I highly recommend for applying to the lower cheeks of a naughty girls bottom and upper thighs its almost silent but very stingy I’m told and can quickly bring promises of better behaviour and being a good girl, hmm where have I heard that before, but I’m very pleased with the results and I would defiantly recommend you go out and purchase one for a few coins its very effective


Spanking Model Alex Reynolds interview

The Alex Reynolds Spanking model Interview

Although I have never met this wonderful young lady I have seen many photos of her spanked bottom on the net and was drawn to contacting her something in her eyes told me she would be perfect for my spanking interviews so what follows is an in depth interview conducted over the net by mail and what an interesting one it is so share with me the fascinating world of a very busy spanking model.

Where were born Alex?
I was born in Upstate New York but primarily grew up in New Jersey.

At what age did you realize you like to be spanked?:
I can’t remember not being interested in spanking.
As far back as my earliest memories, it was something that I thought about with a strong curiosity! I began experimenting with self spanking when I was a very young child, and sometimes tried to convince my friends to play spanking games when I was a school aged child. My interest only grew as I got older, turning into a serious obsession by the time that I was a teen.

How did you get into the scene? :
I got spanked for the first time when I was 18, quite by chance, actually. I had a male friend who was a bit older than me who had been tutoring me, and he had a very dominant energy about him which led me to having all sorts of spanking fantasies about him.
He would sometimes say or do things that just made me feel that he was the kind of person who would spank a girl!
Once, when I was at his house, he asked me to grab something out of his desk. I opened the wrong drawer and discovered that he had a strap in his desk that could not have been used for anything but spanking. I didn’t bring it up to him at the time, because I was too embarrassed, but once I did he explained to me that this was something that he and his wife were into and he agreed to give me my first spanking. I was totally hooked right from the start, but remained extremely shy and withdrawn about my interest. For the first five years that I was getting spanked, it was only by him and I was not involved in the public scene at all. When I moved to Los Angeles and no longer had someone to play with, I had to start exploring the scene there. I mostly got involved in the local BDSM scene, since there wasn’t a well formed spanking community in Los Angeles. I also started meeting people across the country (and the world!) over the internet at this time.

How did you become a pro spanking model?
I had been a nude model for several years when I came out into the scene, having started to explore this while I was pursuing my undergraduate degree. I’ve always been a bit of an exhibitionist, and I discovered that I really liked being in front of the camera. When I came out into the scene, I started to get offers to do spanking shoots. I was originally very hesitant to do that, as I had only really played with one or two people at that time, but once I became more comfortable with myself in the scene, I decided that it was an experience I wanted to have. I never thought that I would take off as a spanking model, but I kept getting more and more chances to do shoots and I began to network and meet people and things just kept growing. I feel really fortunate to be able to do what I love for my full time job now.

Is spanking sexual to you do you get sexually aroused when being spanked?
Does that happen when posing for photos showing your intimate bits off?
Or do you blank it out and only find it sexual with your chosen partner? :
When I first got into the spanking scene, it was entirely not sexual for me. My first few partners had very desexualized attitudes towards spanking, and because I had originally fantasized about spanking as something punitive, this worked for me. I actually did some very high-profile writing about the fact that spanking wasn’t sexual for me, so when I first discovered that it could be extremely erotic with the right partner, I felt somewhat uncomfortable with making this change. I’ve come to understand myself better now, and now I’m at a place where spanking can be very, very sexual, emotionally intimate but not erotic, just for fun, very serious or even clinical, depending on the person I’m playing with and the context of the scene. When doing nude modelling, I rarely find things erotic unless I have a particular energy with the person I’m working with. In terms of spanking videos, this really depends on who I’m shooting with, and again, the context.

Do you do 121s?
I do! I do 1-2-1 sessions as a bottom, but also as a Top or Switch (which I’m always getting better at and have found I really enjoy). I do them in Los Angeles most of the time, but I also offer them pretty much wherever I’m traveling. I think that doing sessions is a wonderful way to connect with a lot of people, and I love making other people’s fantasies come to life.

Do you still attend spanking parties?
I attend most of the big “National Parties” here in the US. I just got back from the Texas All State Spanking Party, which was lots of fun but very tiring! In July, I’ll head to the Crimson Moon Summer Spanktacular in Chicago, and on Labour Day I’ll be at the Shadowlane Spanking Party in Las Vegas. This year I missed Boardwalk Badness Weekend in Atlantic City, but I do plan to attend that in the future. I’ve attended the Florida Moonshine Tropical Beach Party in the past, but this year it fell on the same weekend as Texas All State and so I wasn’t able to make it to both.

Have you ever been to Paddles NYC ?

I have not. Usually, when I’m in New York City, I’m spending time with my family, so it’s the city in which I’ve had the least kinky action! I’d love to if I ever get a chance, though.

Ever been to the uk?
I’ve visited the UK on two different occasions, once just to see friends before I was involved in the public scene and once, about a year and a half ago, in order to shoot and visit spanking friends.

Are you planning to come back to the uk?
if so can I spank you? :-) I had hoped to come to the UK this summer, but it just hasn’t worked out: too much going on at home, and summer travel prices are so much higher. I’m sure I’ll be back at some point in the not so distant future, though. It seems a bit far off to make any spanking plans at the moment, doesn’t it? ;)

What’s the latest film you are in?
I’ve had several films released recently: A F/F scene along with Pandora Blake called “Bath time” was recently released on Dreams of Spanking, and a three girl scene along with Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks called “Three Sassy Schoolgirls” was just put up on Triple A Spanking (although it was filmed about a year ago. In the past month, I also had new scenes on Real Spankings and Real Spankings Institute, and I’m always releasing stuff on my own clips store: http://www.kitchensinkspanking.com. While I was at the Texas All State Spanking Party last weekend, I filmed scenes for Spanking 101 and Amateur Spankings, plus some spanking/diaper fetish clips for Diapered Online, but none of this has been released yet.

Is your bottom insured?
To be honest, I’ve considered doing this (for serious). It seems like a complicated thing to do, though!

What’s your favourite item to be spanked with?
It depends on the situation, of course, but I love hand spankings, especially hard and long ones. I like most implements that can be used in an over-the-knee position, as that feels the most secure to me. My favourite is probably a hairbrush, because it has a domestic feeling that I really like. I also like very formal spanking scenarios, in which case the cane is the most appropriate implement, although I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with it.

Were you spanked as a child if so who by was it traumatic?
How was it done hand paddle belt strap cane?
I was not spanked as a child by anyone, except for a friend who I convinced to play spanking games with me and she never did a very good job at it.

Do you switch?
I do! It’s a fairly recent development, but I’ve discovered that I quite like it. I prefer to play scenarios where I’m a younger character, as I think that makes more sense, but I’ve grown quite adept at taking control and giving out hard spankings. Being spanked will always be my true love, but I’m able to take a lot of what I’ve learned about what works for me in a spanking and apply it to giving with great effectiveness!

What is the farthest place you have3 travelled to be spanked? I would say that crossing the Atlantic in order to visit England and Holland in order to do spanking shoots would be the farthest I’ve travelled! It was a very long trip, although coming back seemed even longer with a sore bottom. :)

Do you have a Ds relationship?
Yes, I do. I identify as a submissive, although there are aspects of Domestic Discipline in our relationship as well. I find this very fulfilling and emotionally rewarding. :)

Thank you Alex for your honest replies to some very intimate questions, it has been an absolute pleasure to interview you so thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to take part in this.
Photo credits
Lightworship, with Ginger Sparks left. Realspankings.com.
Amoni Jones Photography. Assume the Position Studios.
Rolling Shutter photography with Maddy Marks right. Omar Photographico.


Encore from Janus

Where to start,
Quite simply this is the most revealing insight into What is for many who have grown up with Janus like myself, a most enthralling read.


I well remember entering the Janus shop and whilst browsing the huge magazine selection coming across the Tale of St Winifred’s.
A Story that evolved into a three Film trilogy The Athletes Lesson, The Sixth Formers Lesson and The Head Girls Lesson
it became an absolute classic of its time and a must for those into the whole school scene.
Encore is a huge effort to bring you not only fabulous images but inside information on how the story began where it was filmed and who the Headmaster really was, quite eye opening I can tell you.
If you are a lover of this fantastic storey and the gorgeous bottoms on display including the awesome Head girl go to Janus worldwide see my links and download your very own copy to keep.
What a treat for fans of Janus the best spanking on the planet.


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