Age/Role play

Age/role play can be a very dodgy subject but has its place in this scene if it is handled in the correct way.
Age play is more about the psychological side than the physical the build up coldness and the scolding, in my Headmaster role I could have adult males queuing round the building there are so many wanting to re visit the Headmasters study for a caning, but with females its more the slipper or leather belt as used by parents at that time.
I would warn anyone thinking of regressing into a age role play scene with a adult female to talk to them in depth and find out exactly what their needs are and not just jump in wanting to give a sound beating this in general is not what its all about.
For me its not about the punishment in itself its about the control side, I personally would get no pleasure from giving a severe thrashing to anyone, mine is more about the mind games involved.

Janus Encore

Hello again
My very good friends at Janus worldwide have given me permission to review there latest magazine Encore st.winifreds Special. how many remember The Head Girls Lesson ?
Well this will take me some time as it will include stills from the magazine but I just wanted to let you know what im working on will be posting this very soon.

Monday morning updates

Hello everyone
I just thought id update you all on my recent articles on my new fetish blog.
Reviewing a new flogger.
Nipple clamps.
Steal appeal.
You may like to follow the blog and get all the updates as I post them#
Thanks for continuing to support my blogs

Paddle Review updated


An updte

Originally posted on A SpankingLife4me:

I was recently sent a new paddle to try out from the very nice people at Fancy a Fetish, its named quite appropriately the Black Leather Slim Studded Paddle 115 its made of Leather and features 27 Chrome Studs on each side.
• length 380mm (15″)
• Width at widest point 53mm (2 1/4″)
• With at narrowest point 40mm (1 1/2″)
• Thickness 10mm (1/2″)
some images ive taken of the paddle below



Its quite a little slapper and gives a real sting to the recipient’s behind im told .

If your looking for hand stitched  collector paddles then this wont be for you, but if your seeking  to spice to spice up your bedroom fun with a bit spanking and want a paddle with a bite to it then you will have hours of fun with this leather slapper.

Below is photo of myself in action using an…

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Last nights caning

Well my sub was staying with me over the weekend something we don’t get to do as often as we would like to but we make the most of the time we have.
She can be very bratty at times and regular followers will know that she is often in trouble for one thing or another but recently she has been behaving very well so has not needed to be disciplined.
Those who don’t know we have a consensual DS Dom sub relationship that includes regular spankings.
As we were together I decided to give her a maintenance caning just to ensure her good behaviour continues for the next w eek or two until I see her again.
Below is an image of my canes all supplied by Quality Control se3e my links pages.


The differences in thickness




The Caning begins





Just enough to ensure continued good behaviour for a few days at least.

Until next time.#