There is nothing like a good smacked bum

Well there ive said it out loud .

Well i ask you what can be more enjoyable than the feel of you bare hand  smacking against the bare bottom cheeks of a naughty girl and the sounds of her squeals oohs and ahhs  owes and hey that hurts, her cry’s and crying filling the air  just wonderful to my ears.

My wife says im a sadist that i enjoy hurting people  as she laughs at me, but thats not the case i enjoy the control spanking gives me I enjoy creating the image in my spankies  mind of what is going to happen to them  I enjoy giving them the experience of being out of control having no say in what happens to them once they have requested a spanking from me a feeling  they can only get  from having there bottom cheeks bare and spanked hard so in this we both achieve pleasure and satisfaction.

Im Looking forward to many more years of giving smacked bums to some very naughty deserving females  the Que is here ladies :-))



Another school day comes to a close

The Headmaster

Well sat Sept 3rd saw yet another term at St-Redbottoms school which quietly nestles in rural Norfolk at The Old Convent, build around 1570 it was originally a home for wayward nuns  and a place where wayward students learn what their =bottoms are for.

This term saw pupils attending from all over the UK including Scotland and wales and even an exchange student from far away  Florida.

Classes included History Biology Art Geography and Sociology.

Although behavior during classes.was quite good there were many who where sent to my study and of course i administered discipline of various kinds including hand spanking otk the leather Janus Paddle and of course for the badly behaved the cane.

We will return on Dec 17th for the last term of 2016 .

As you  can see i did my  best to uphold the standards of the school  at St-Redbottoms

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Naughty Book Day

Hello again

As mentioned in recent blogs I am now in an adult Daddy Daughter relationship and very happy as we have both settled into our roles very well and it feels very natural to us both . As with every Ds relationship there has to be rules and when those rules are broken there has to be punishment  and so There is The Naughty book.

She was dressed as instructed in her other school uniform/kilt skirt blouse socks shoes and knickers and waiting for me in our newly set up Daddies/Headmasters office.

On reviewing her book  the entries included staying up past her bedtime and when instructed to go to bed not doing so  plus arguing.

Having discussed all entries with her it was time for action so i put her over my knee lifted her kilt skirt  to reveal her lovely bottom cheeks split by the white thong of her school knickers they leave little to the imagination  and  enhance the view  by  a multitude  amount.

I began spanking both cheeks firmly but not to hard as i like to build a spanking slowly and end it with  blistering  fast smacks to alternate cheeks leaving her with a stinging burning red hot bottom.

Once i was happy with my efforts i stood her up facing the wall and gave her a few moments to compose herself.  whilst moving my chair into a new position ready for the next stage of her punishment, I then instructed her to kneel on the chair and lean forward over the desk which she did,  I took up my old thick leather British army belt and gave her 6 across both cheeks which she took surprisingly very well  followed by a further six  and the a extra 3 just to get the message home.

Once her punishment was over i placed her on my knee for cuddles and she promised to be a good girl , we shall see how long before she is once again righting in her Naughty Book . watch this space.


Her new uniform

My girl recently attended the St-Redbottoms  school day and really enjoyed it but as she is very new to this scene roughly 5 weeks she did not have a proper uniform, well we have now corrected that and she looks a treat so much so  that i had to spank her just to christen the uniform and her cheeks as they are so deserving of my attention .

6 with the leather uk army belt very thick leather  then 12 with the cane bent over my desk.

Im sure you will admire the results as displayed across her lovely bottom cheeks .

The next stage is to look for a school blazer t.o complete the look and perhaps a satchel Your comments are always welcome as im sure there will be many more pages devoted to her discipline as she grows in to the scene with my guiding her .

My new girl

Hello as you may have read in recent blogs ive posted I have had a change in direction and have been seeking a Daddy daughter more domestic style of relationship as opposed to the Master sub relationship ive had for the last 10 years that ended a few months ago.

Well im very pleased to inform you all that i have now found what ive been seeking and im a very happy  man and have a wonderful girl who has a lovely figure and cute spankable bottom i shall be sharing with you.

She is still very new to this whole scene but has taken to it very quickly and although she tells me she does not exactly enjoy having a spanking  she loves the afterglow in her hot cheeks .

I have spanked her several times recently and im building her levels up a bit at a time mostly fun spankings but with the od discipline ones in between, but as she prefers to be a good girl for her Daddy  she will; try to avoid the discipline ones if possible .

Im sure she will be commenting on this blog and have something to say but will be careful not to get herself into deeper trouble to avoid the belt strap slipper or cane.

I hope you enjoy the images and whish me well in my new relationship

Thank you



In the mind of a spanking artist

Hello everyone .

From time to time i like to feature work that i see when browsing the net and i recently came across this very original and and quite graffic potential artist who draws fantasy images that appear in her mind often as she is pondering a pending discipline session.

Her style is very raw almost unfinished but you are drawn into her world  and you want to partake in the scenario .

What follows are her own words describing herself and what drives her to draw such images.

I have included several of her drawings and would appreciate your feedback/comments.

The feature color photo is of the lovely body of the artist herself .

In her own words.

I’m a young, petite, female spanko, living in Gauteng
South Africa.
I like giving and receiving hard spankings, and I’m fascinated with pictures and drawings that show severe punishment by someone in a position of authority,
like teachers, parents or nuns.

I draw spanking pictures on rare occasions. I usually draw whatever is on my mind, when I’m fantasizing about a particular scenario,
or when I am going to be spanked soon, it builds up the excitement for me. I also enjoy drawing other people’s fantasies, and I love it when
I get requests for drawings.

I love looking at spanking art, because it gives me the opportunity to imagine my own scenario, as opposed to a picture or video where the scene
is already set. I like to leave my own drawings open-ended, and only subtly hint at a scene, so that the viewer can use his or her imagination.
I play on both ends, and my drawings show that. I like showing marks that are quite severe, because that is how I like to receive and give a spanking.
I always hope that people looking at my drawings are as excited about them as I am when I’m drawing them.

I love giving and receiving the Bamboo Bath Brush, it’s my “default” setting, and I’ve broken many, so I keep having to replenish my stock
It hurts like hell, it is heavy so the impact is deep, and it stings!! I prefer heavier wooden paddles and I adore thick canes.
I don’t like light, stingy implements at all. I have a fondness for a cane that was supposed to be used by blind folk,
given to me as a gift, I’ve had bottoms refer to it as “the broomstick”. My tastes giving and receiving are the same.

I love being told what to do, like keeping still for a certain amount of strokes, and being bossed around. I like being told to undress myself,
and being told what position to get into. When I’m the spanker I enjoy doing the same. My ultimate fantasy is a school punishment, and although
I don’t enjoy role play, I enjoy fantasizing about spankings being given to me by someone in a position of authority (like a nun, a parent figure,
a teacher, a male nurse, a warden, etc).

I don’t have a preference when it comes to gender. I am more delicate when it comes to spanking women, and the plays are usually sensual,
whereas with a man I like a more rough setting. Men and women are completely different, and I find both genders very exciting to play with, in different ways.

I have always lamented the fact that corporal punishment in school was banned before my time. I think that is why I am so fascinated with art
that depicts school punishment. I love hearing stories about other people’s school experiences. I often wonder how it would have influenced
my kinky preferences, and like to fantasize about that.

Kind regards,