A Tough Cookie

Now and again there comes along  a  bottom to test your armour, a take me on if you dare kinda gal .

Well just recently on two occasions I have been tested im pleased to say and my spanking palm lived to tell the tail, and her bottom was well and truly spanked, both over my knee lay flat on the sofa kneeling up on the sofa and lastly in the diaper position  lay on her back legs over her head I also used my old army belt and new Prison strap to add to the sting in her cheeks.

Finally I was told by her Husband she was due 24 with the cane and had the opportunity to give her four myself to finish off the session  and gladly I  obliged them  with four stingers from my Dragon cane .

A very nice couple a  fabulous session with many more to come in the future I hope  a tough cookie but very tasty ————-

Time to get Serious

Sometimes  we have to get serious about discipline

Sometimes brattling and cheek can become unacceptable and can turn into a fully blown Tantrum and that’s when a good discipline spanking is needed, and my sub knows all to well when she has deserved it and has worked hard to receive it. Now im not a lover of wooden implement’s and you will see very few pages in my blog devoted to wooden paddles etc the only time I take up wood is when I mean business because I know the damage it can do in the wrong hands leaving permanent  marks,

fortunately im not a brutal man and even in discipline im not sadistic and don’t want to see huge bruising on the skin afterwards  I like to get the job done quickly short sharp shock sting impact and no nonsense spanking leaving a nice red bottom and a very sorry spanked individual regretting their actions. and begging forgiveness .

Now sometime ago at my local munch somebody was selling wooden paddles they were making to order and my sub decided to order one for herself with a kitten carved out in the  paddle end and requested our names also be carved in the handle , I don’t think she expected to get as heavy  wooden paddle 3/4 of an inch thick solid spanking item of real discipline well as they say you should be careful of that which you seek.

On Thursday  evening my girl was staying with me and over nothing flew of in a full blown Tantrum walking off with a real attitude, well I had no hesitation in going straight to the wardrobe and taking out the paddle dragging her over my knee her bottom was already bare and paddling her good and hard till her cheeks were ablaze and stinging like mad she was sobbing but being the honest girl she is she requested I keep going as she admitted she deserved more and so I obliged until I felt she had received enough and before any real damage was done .she was then sent to the bedroom to be quiet lay on the bed to contemplate something she likes to do after real discipline later we hugged and all was forgiven until the next time.

There are few things certain in this life but one thing I know for sure is that it wont be long before another spanking is required.

New Mentee’s

Well another day dawns and im now Mentoring two new females in a loving relationship .

Both are fairly new to the spanking and discipline scene although they have been together for over 3 years but not interacting with others only playing in private.

I have taken over protecting them both and as advisor and instructor to the Dommie  and assisting disciplining the sub. Yesterday we had our first Mentoring session and I gave advice on discipline attitude and aftercare.

After some initial discussion I gave instruction on spanking positioning and application of  hand strap and cane  and all were happy, My mentee turned out to have quite a high level or resilience  so I advised caution  if approached by to many Tops wanting to use hard wooden paddles hairbrushes  etc as I don’t want her to get spanked out to early and to prevent possible skin damage to soon in the lifestyle I have added some photos from the session.


The Headmasters Study

Well it was a very busy weekend  with lots of new people attending the my school and although I wasn’t that busy during the day just after school closed I had many a pupil in my study for some after school discipline  all were put across my knee cheeks bared and soundly spanked and some caned   by the late evenings after party I was in full throttle and spanked the evening away on some really superb bottoms  I even had a couple attend school from Norway both very nice people and she was a Norwegian beauty with a stunning bottom to good not to spank there was also a lovesick young couple who were just dying to enter the Headmasters study together and I was only to pleased to oblige them

with my hand and cane across their lovely bottoms.

All in all a wonderful school day and evening if you would like to attend my school just drop me a line we are now Global im told.

A spanking good munch

Well the first EastAnglia-Spanko’sMunch  was launched on sat May and what a spanking good day was had by all.

Lots of new people attended and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

I was very fortunate to get the chance to spank 3 lovely bottoms including my own subgirls.

Ending up with a request  from a  tall long legged lady dressed in school girls outfit very short skirt and pretty panties which stayed up on this occasion but such a lovely bottom to spank over my knee  which seemed to go on for ages as she was very happy for me to continue.

I didn’t get chance to take any photos but my sub actually took this for the lady in question and she has kindly agreed to let me use it for this blog no doubt she will read this and post her own comments..

The next munch is June 6th  so im hoping for another spanking good munch.

DSC_0262 DSC_0261

A new term begins Sat May 30th

Well its almost time for the next adult role play school party.

Time to reprieve my Headmasters role in full gown waistcoat Victorian watch and albert chain ( I like to look this traditional English Headmaster) and lead my staff of teachers in the thankless task of trying to instil some discipline and education into a large class of over 20 pupils.

Im sure there will be some very sore bottoms with lots of rubbing going on all day

Its a dirty job but somebody has to do it :-))

Wish me luck

Keep an eye out for the beginning of June when I hope to have some nice spanked bottom photos to post  for all you lovely people.

A Spankos Munch


This coming Saturday May 2nd sees the beginning of a new event for me as I launch the East Anglia Spanko’s Munch.

There are several events in the local are that are fetish bdsm related that include spanking  but none are dedicated spanking events so im hoping we get enough support to make this a regular event .

Ill get back to you all after the weekend and let you all know how it went.

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