Spanking just because

Hello its been a while since my last update and things are going really well with my new girl  and I collard her recently so were very happy, the only thing is she is very submissive and dosnt really misbehave or break rules to earn a spanking  so I have to just spank her because I enjoy it and she likes it because it pleases me .

She has now begun to enjoy dressing up for me and having her photo taken  and is embracing her feminine side in stocking suspenders and heals and she looks great , so I shall be  posting more now and showing her spanked bottom off to all my followers here  hope you enjoy, your comments are always welcome .


Stolen Brownies

This relates to a wonderful relationship I had  some time ago


Its been a while since my last blog but ive had a busy few weeks so just getting back into things here.

The other day my girl stayed over with me the night and earlier we had been to the local shops and among various items i purchased a  bag of chocolate brownies i had planned to eat over the next few days, when i awoke the next day i found the bag had been ripped open and half the contence  had been eaten.

After questioning my girl  she tried to make out it wasn’t her and all sorts of excuses until she finally admitted it and was instructed to strip on the spot whilst i looked for my Blaster paddle given to me by a good friend during a trip to visit her in Canada.

She then went across my lap on the sofa whilst i paddled her bare cheeks until they were a nice shade of crimson .

I dont think she will be stealing from me again in a hurry , what do you think?











Hairbrush at bedtime

This relates to a wonderful relationship I had  some time ago



Well my girl is still making the same mistakes and also breaking rules , she should know better as we’re now coming up to our first year together .

As she has persistently misbehaved I had no other choice than to spank her with the ebony hairbrush something she is not a lover of  but certainly tries harder to avoid  in future.

Since her spanking she has behaved much better but as we all know this won’t last for very long

A spanking good Christmas

Hello everyone

Its been ages since I last sat down to put fingers to keyboard for one reason or another, plus ive have several spanking relationships come and go, some quicker than others .  and just haven’t  got around to blogging about them , but I now have a lot of data to publish so hopefully ill get round to it in the new year so I now have a new Daddy/Girl  relationship which seems solid and although she is basically quite camera shy im coxing her out and spanking her bottom  so here are our first images to wish you  all a very happy spanking Christmas.



Its been sometime

img022Hello fellow spanking enthusiasts.

It has been sometime since my last blog  due to various spouts of ill health  and not having the inclination to sit at my laptop and compose a blog page .

But have no fears i have still been keeping my hand busy spanking some very nice bottoms  and will endevour to post more updates and include photos i know you all love to see.

Spanking good times to you all  in This Thing We Do .


New Year Caning

Hello everyone .

I know its been some time since my last blog but I certainly have not stopped spanking  bottoms , so time for a catch up .

This New year i visited my home city of Manchester with my girl and a cpl who are spanking friends.

Over the weekend i met up with a playmate from the area i hadn’t seen for some time  and a good caning was administrated .

Thank you Bratinplimsoles  look forward to the next time.


There is nothing like a good smacked bum

Well there ive said it out loud .

Well i ask you what can be more enjoyable than the feel of you bare hand  smacking against the bare bottom cheeks of a naughty girl and the sounds of her squeals oohs and ahhs  owes and hey that hurts, her cry’s and crying filling the air  just wonderful to my ears.

My wife says im a sadist that i enjoy hurting people  as she laughs at me, but thats not the case i enjoy the control spanking gives me I enjoy creating the image in my spankies  mind of what is going to happen to them  I enjoy giving them the experience of being out of control having no say in what happens to them once they have requested a spanking from me a feeling  they can only get  from having there bottom cheeks bare and spanked hard so in this we both achieve pleasure and satisfaction.

Im Looking forward to many more years of giving smacked bums to some very naughty deserving females  the Que is here ladies :-))



Another school day comes to a close

The Headmaster

Well sat Sept 3rd saw yet another term at St-Redbottoms school which quietly nestles in rural Norfolk at The Old Convent, build around 1570 it was originally a home for wayward nuns  and a place where wayward students learn what their =bottoms are for.

This term saw pupils attending from all over the UK including Scotland and wales and even an exchange student from far away  Florida.

Classes included History Biology Art Geography and Sociology.

Although behavior during classes.was quite good there were many who where sent to my study and of course i administered discipline of various kinds including hand spanking otk the leather Janus Paddle and of course for the badly behaved the cane.

We will return on Dec 17th for the last term of 2016 .

As you  can see i did my  best to uphold the standards of the school  at St-Redbottoms

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