The Delrin cane

As a traditional  Rattan cane enthusiast I was somewhat skeptical of using a cane made from Delrin a new substance that makes the bridge between plastic and metal but I must say I was favorably impressed. I tested the cane out on my own submissive who I must say at first said know way are you using that on me  but as always her curiosity got the better of her and she bent over for me to try it. I gave her 12 strokes and she yelped at each one but stayed in position even after the 12th she had not stood up which told me she beginning to enjoy it , after another 12 she was really enjoying it and commented that it had the thud of a Dragon  cane yet the sting of a kooboo cane with a after burn all of its own. a little later in the evening after the effects had worn off  she asked me to cane her again  and took quite a good amount of strokes. The cane is made in white Delrin which is quite swishy and takes a little while to get the right technique but once mastered is fun to use it is also made in black which is more rigid im awaiting delivery of my black cane ill let you all know when ive tested it. The old school ruler is made of sepal highly waxed beautifully smooth and takes you back to those old days  when you feared the sound of your teacher smacking it against their leg when they were telling you off. it makes a wonderful smack sound on landing on a bare bottom and testing it out on my mentee all she said was  yow that stings which I think says it all .     I have purchased both the Delrin cane and  school ruler since testing them and im very pleased with quality, im sure both my sub  mentee and many other deserving bottoms will be feeling their sting for many years to come. Both the Delrin cane and the old school ruler are made by The House of Eros and can be purchased  in the UK from Best4kinks in my recommended spanking sites

Testing out 2 new Leather paddles

Paddle Testing
The other Day I was given two paddles to test out by a new name to the spanking scene the first one is the Heart or Valentines paddle a pocket sized paddle perfect for any business man to keep in his inside suite jacket pocket ready to pull out to deal with that lazy PA as can be seen from this first photograph it leaves a cute little imprint on a bare bottom yet in the second photo you can see it packes quite a punch for its size..
ImageImageThe Click paddle is much larger in size quite springy and makes a loud slap noise when applied to a bare bottom leaving warm round rosy imprints, my american readers may find this of interest as a change from the wooden paddles and the ladies may enjoy the different sensation.



Both paddles are made of Bridal leather and are hand cut and hand stitched they can be found at Deviant Dream Design in my recommended spanking sites

The phenomenon that is Janus

What started out 40 years ago as a pocket sized monthly magazine called ‘Mentor, the brainchild of the late Gordon Sergeant. first published in 1971. became one of the most famous spanking magazines of its time and if you were into spanking it was the magazine you wanted to read every issue and enjoy seeing those lovely models get spanked.

Growing up in the 70s 80s I was one of the many who thought i was the only person thinking about spanking a female bottom until I found Janus, and it was purely by chance  in my case that I stumbled upon the shop in Old Compton Street in London’s SoHo district and took this photo.


I made many visits to the shop over the years and spent to much time in the video booths drooling over the spankings being given,on one such visit I purchased my first paddle all leather with a wooden handle, when it lands on a bare bottom  its crack is an awesome sound to behold and it leaves a wonderful red splotch on bare cheeks. now  past its best  but still landing stinging spanks on naughty bottoms I wouldn’t part with for the world a memento of times gone by.


April 2011 the Janus shop shut its doors for the last time. bt all is not lost as you can now find oodles of back issues of the Janus magazine now on the net  at Janus worldwide find them in my recommended spanking sites list and see for yourself what is truly a spanking  phenomenon


Smarty Pants (Shadow Lane)

Smarty Pants  a new video from Shadow Lane.

Well from the offset its clear this little domestic scene is about a right little attention seeking madam intent on getting her ass well and truly tanned and  she will stop at nothing to get her dues.

Dia Zerva has one very spankable bottom and knows it,  and when bending over to get something out of the refrigerator she gives us all a glimpse of what will soon be bared and getting a good long hard spanking from  Keith Jones.


Well they say patience maketh the man and if that is true then Keith is a man amongst men as he gives Dia a long leash to wind him up, for gods sake this guy is trying to get on with business and this minx is making as much noise as she can and ignoring his numerous requests to be quite and let him work. what a little madam.

Eventually Keith snaps and we are witness to not only a great spanking scene  but to a good dose of the strap applied to the wonderfully bare bottom on Dia Zerva one female who has shot to the top of my spanking bucket list.

Although this was my first video review for Shadow Lane it certainly wont be my last,  as one who is used to viewing now only HD BLU RAY on a 54inch Flat-screen 3D HD tv im quite picky about quality of image  and this film is of the highest example of quality spanking films go to my link for Shadow lane in Recommended Spanking sites and seek out Smarty Pants and enjoy

Mentoring, A Journey

I have for sometime  now been Mentoring a new couple to the Spanking fetish and bdsm scene and helping them find their way and to adjust to a new Ds relationship and lifestyle.Initially the male was more unassertive and the female a rather cheeky brat full of  attitude and wanting her own way when really deep inside that is not what she wanted, and to be honest he just let her get away with it because he loved, her Big mistake.

pixie Discipline5

Over the last few  months I have worked with them helping to reverse the roles and we have made giant leaps forward but it has require on my part with his and her consent regular weekly discipline sessions and a lot of smacked bottoms for her but we are now at a new stage in her Training and im pleased to say she is responding very well