The phenomenon that is Janus

What started out 40 years ago as a pocket sized monthly magazine called ‘Mentor, the brainchild of the late Gordon Sergeant. first published in 1971. became one of the most famous spanking magazines of its time and if you were into spanking it was the magazine you wanted to read every issue and enjoy seeing those lovely models get spanked.

Growing up in the 70s 80s I was one of the many who thought i was the only person thinking about spanking a female bottom until I found Janus, and it was purely by chance  in my case that I stumbled upon the shop in Old Compton Street in London’s SoHo district and took this photo.


I made many visits to the shop over the years and spent to much time in the video booths drooling over the spankings being given,on one such visit I purchased my first paddle all leather with a wooden handle, when it lands on a bare bottom  its crack is an awesome sound to behold and it leaves a wonderful red splotch on bare cheeks. now  past its best  but still landing stinging spanks on naughty bottoms I wouldn’t part with for the world a memento of times gone by.


April 2011 the Janus shop shut its doors for the last time. bt all is not lost as you can now find oodles of back issues of the Janus magazine now on the net  at Janus worldwide find them in my recommended spanking sites list and see for yourself what is truly a spanking  phenomenon


7 thoughts on “The phenomenon that is Janus

  1. Yes, when I came to London, England for a visit. The first place I went to was the Janus Bookstore, at 40 Compton Street. I always felt comfortable in this mecca for ‘spanko’s. For me it was the HARRODS for ‘spanko’s.’ And because of its array off spanking material, I thought I was in heaven so to speak. Especially their premier class of magazines.

  2. I was lucky enough to live in London during this time and also took many journeys to Old Compton street, what a delight it was and many hours of enjoyment resulted from my visits. Happy memories.

      1. That’s true Nigel but it seems ages since you attended my very first Norfolk school things have changed a lot since then and time you paid us a visit again

      2. I keep looking at the various events you have on offer, there is a possibility I might get over this Saturday for the munch, just have to sort out family needs, football, birthday party attendance etc.
        I’ve put possible on Fet.

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