Testing out 2 new Leather paddles

Paddle Testing
The other Day I was given two paddles to test out by a new name to the spanking scene the first one is the Heart or Valentines paddle a pocket sized paddle perfect for any business man to keep in his inside suite jacket pocket ready to pull out to deal with that lazy PA as can be seen from this first photograph it leaves a cute little imprint on a bare bottom yet in the second photo you can see it packes quite a punch for its size..
ImageImageThe Click paddle is much larger in size quite springy and makes a loud slap noise when applied to a bare bottom leaving warm round rosy imprints, my american readers may find this of interest as a change from the wooden paddles and the ladies may enjoy the different sensation.



Both paddles are made of Bridal leather and are hand cut and hand stitched they can be found at Deviant Dream Design in my recommended spanking sites

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