The Delrin cane

As a traditional  Rattan cane enthusiast I was somewhat skeptical of using a cane made from Delrin a new substance that makes the bridge between plastic and metal but I must say I was favorably impressed. I tested the cane out on my own submissive who I must say at first said know way are you using that on me  but as always her curiosity got the better of her and she bent over for me to try it. I gave her 12 strokes and she yelped at each one but stayed in position even after the 12th she had not stood up which told me she beginning to enjoy it , after another 12 she was really enjoying it and commented that it had the thud of a Dragon  cane yet the sting of a kooboo cane with a after burn all of its own. a little later in the evening after the effects had worn off  she asked me to cane her again  and took quite a good amount of strokes. The cane is made in white Delrin which is quite swishy and takes a little while to get the right technique but once mastered is fun to use it is also made in black which is more rigid im awaiting delivery of my black cane ill let you all know when ive tested it. The old school ruler is made of sepal highly waxed beautifully smooth and takes you back to those old days  when you feared the sound of your teacher smacking it against their leg when they were telling you off. it makes a wonderful smack sound on landing on a bare bottom and testing it out on my mentee all she said was  yow that stings which I think says it all .     I have purchased both the Delrin cane and  school ruler since testing them and im very pleased with quality, im sure both my sub  mentee and many other deserving bottoms will be feeling their sting for many years to come. Both the Delrin cane and the old school ruler are made by The House of Eros and can be purchased  in the UK from Best4kinks in my recommended spanking sites

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