Thrashwell weekend

Last weekend I held my first new school event in Norfolk UK called Thrashwell.

thrash 2013 copy

We had 15 adult students and  12 teachers  and myself as Headmaster.
A full day of classes was held  with many naughty students visiting my study for punishments

head teddy
We had people attend from Spain the Netherlands  Dublin and all over the UK and due to the wonderful feedback we have had we are now considering a summer school over two shorter days   longer classes with less teachers .  we also held a school prom and my mentee pixie made a wonderful school cake for the occasion.

Thrash cake
If you are interested in attending the next school please message me direct

2 thoughts on “Thrashwell weekend

  1. What joy it must be for you to take down the knicker’s of so many naughty female students and spank them on their bare bottoms. My favourite ones are those that are wearing suspender-belt and stockings, which display fully their naked rear ends with fervant plessure. What a delight then it must be to cane each one of them ‘six or more strokes.

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