Punishment book Shadow Lane Review

Well this is my second review on behalf  of a Shadow Lane  of their DVD Punishment Book  and what a surprise i got. The resemblance between the couples relationship and my own with my submissive but particularly with my Mentree in looks and expressions are so similar as  to be mirror imaged . Lizzy Madison and David Pearl are in a real life domestic discipline relationship, they attended a Shadow Lane party  and discussed there Relationship and the results of this first meeting developed into the dvd Punishment Book. Filmed over 3 sessions Lizzy cant seem to help getting into Davids bad books which results in a a bare bottom spanking over his knee over a chair and whilst sat on a chaise-long  and what a bottom this girl has, slim long legs  pouting lips everything David could wish for  and what a naughty girl  forgetting to pays bills and post letters on time going out with friends and getting drunk and calling people names her Punishment or Naughty book as we call it is always full.


If you love real life relationships based on spanking then this is one video not to miss
catch up with it at http://www.shadowlane.com/shopping/pricelist.asp?prid=1458

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