Discipline spanking

A discipline spanking is given when you have perhaps broken any rules you may have agreed between you, or you have misbehaved in some manor that is not fitting to your role in your relationship.When i give discipline spankings I decide what to spank with depending on what they have done to deserve it, but its mostly hard otk bare bottom  hand spanking on the lower cheeks ie sitspot apper thighs.

They are reprimanded beforehand and we discuss there misbehavior.
After the discipline they have a long hug sat on my knee  and forgiven.
pixie Discipline4

1 female is 40 and 1 female is 28  but age really has nothing to do with,  but the need and desire to be disciplined its about accepting you need it in your life.

3 thoughts on “Discipline spanking

  1. A hard otk spanking on the sit spot that’s gotta sting!
    Most ive had on the sit spot is about 10 stingy slaps and I was kicking my legs like mad but an entire otk spanking session in that area I think the recipient would be on their best behaviour for some time after that!
    When you punish you really mean buisiness

    1. Discipline is meant to be just that Tearaway, not nice but accepted as part of a DD Ds relationship

  2. If a woman is naughty by all means she should be corporally punished. If it is a minor fraction, a hand, paddle, or hairbrush she would be used. If it is a major fraction a birch rod, or cane should be applied to her naked derriere.

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