Christy_Cutie film review

22F babygirl and pro spanking Model from Los Angeles, California,
And what a cutie she is delectable desirable and very spankable.
This is my first review of a Christy film and its obvious she is a born spanko with a peach of a bottom just dying to be spanked and caned.
The Punishment Ritual- is a no nonsense hard caning film lets get this clear with a Victorian feel about it. Christy the errant Daughter is summoned to her fathers study friday after school for him to review her behavior during the week at home and at school. when instructed to she climes onto the punishment bench and her wrists are fastened to secure her, her bloomers are pulled apart to reveal her delectable rear naked for all to see and admire, what follows is quite simply a cold hard caning that is thorough and real discipline.
Excellently filmed by ATPS Studios a caners film for cane lovers. and part of a series of films with Christy Cutie

Janus Review No 2 Hot Seat

Well im very happy to be reviewing my second Janus film  a personal favorite of mine.

Hot Seat is a film from the bygone age of cine ,well I can remember being sat in the booth in the Janus shop flooding coins into the  tv hoping I wouldn’t run out before the Knickers up knickers down bit you cant miss that bit its a spanker’s dream.


The Story Female keeps missing appointments with her female Probation officer and is given the choice of possibly going back to Prison or accepting a punishment from her officer, fortunately for us she chooses the later and is promptly put over the officers lap.

What follows is a crescendo of slaps from a female who knows how to spank a girls bottom but this is only the warm up and the best bit is about to bounce on to your screen when the officer produces a cane and instructs the female to begin  a knickers up knickers down routine of absolute pleasure to view.

I highly rate this now dated looking film to any true  spanker’s a real classic of its time available on download at Janus Worldwide

Manchester School party Part Two

Well after a long journey from Norfolk to Manchester I finally arrived at Piccadilly and was met by my friend and fellow spanker  Man_in_a_Suit .We made our way to the party venue  and were met by Rossi who was hosting the school party. Once inside and changed into my Headmaster’s attire the school began with quite a hotch potch  of students some in a sort of uniform some just normal day cloths certainly not up to the standard uniform requirements of Thrashwell. I counted  2 cd  3 schools boys and a stand in head girl not in uniform, unfortunately due to some drop outs due to various circumstances the female students had dwindled down three but what a three they were and certainly made the party go with spanking  gusto. The Headmaster Mr Rossi  started with geography class followed by other teachers various lessons , of course the spanking soon began and the  bottom’s became warm red and glowing , my thanks to Tearaway9 who took a very intense strapping and caning and im sure would have been there all  evening had it have been possible.

Tearaway9 c

To nortybotty who’s bottom lived up to its name and was well and truly spanked by myself and the other teacher’s,


and to newbie girl Rhiannon66 who had such a cute little peach of a bottom it seemed a shame to spank it,  but these things have to be done and some of us have to do it.

All in all a very enjoyable party some very nice people good venue and well worth the long journey. Im not sure when I may return but would recommend  future parties to anyone who can attend.

norty Terraway

School party weekend

Well im returning to my roots tomorrow sat 27 4 2013  for the first time in two years and will be attending a school party organized by a very long time friend. Im hoping to assist the other teaching staff to instill some discipline although im sure this will be a thankless task  as usual, but standards must be maintained and im sure there will be some very red and very sore bottoms by the time school closes at 6pm tomorrow evening. My normal position in school is that of Headmaster but in this case I shall be standing down and just assisting but plan to be very pro active and keep my palm warm on some naughty Tearaway adult girls and boys. I shall also have my camera with me and hope to have some new photographs for my readers very soon but in the meantime hear are some images taken at  my junior school event not so long ago when as Headmaster I can be seen administering my usual form of discipline.



pixie cane

for psyce

Janus film review No 1

Im very proud to now be reviewing some films on behalf of Janus.

This a labor of love of a magazine that first introduced me into this wonderful thing I do. so forgive me if I relish in the moment. I shall be reviewing 3 films  in the first instance from the good old days of queuing up in the Janus shop to enter the viewing booth coins at the ready and I was never left wanting just always short of coins at the most exciting part.


Film no 1 is  Punishment for Penny
A  very old film that has seen better years as is stated on the website, but the content is of the best of its kind for the true Domestic Discipline enthusiast . naughty schoolgirl meets uncle with intent of sore  bottom ahead, plenty of otk spanking wriggling attempts to resist punishment and some very revealing angle shots from the camera man god bless him. when spanking is not enough to tame this naughty girl who has been skipping school out seeing boys and up to all sorts of mischief  Uncle decides to get his cane out  and remind Penny what her bottom is for, and what a cute bottom it is

You can find Punishment for Penny at the Janus Worldwide website


one of my favorite Janus films ever, a pleasure to review.

Transman 1st session (The Whipping Boy)

Well I can say this was a first for me and something I never expected to happen. I first met Mark at a Adult school role play event he was working as a waiter and very good at it  he was indeed, as there were more than a few resemblances to Jeeves the Butler.
He was obviously a submissive and his need and desire to please was very apparent, at the after party in the evening I was approached by a friend who asked if I would be interested in giving Mark a spanking and although not totally surprised I was certainly not against giving it a go. I told him to bend over my knee to which he mentioned this would be his first spanking of this kind having usually been spanked flogged over some kind of apparatus bench etc in a more BDSM type environment, anyway I gave him a good long hard hand spanking on his trousers to eventually bare bottom, he was quite resilient and took it very well showing little emotion so I eventually moved to using a leather paddle and strap which seemed to extract a reaction. when id finished and allowed him up we had a customary hug and he said how much he had enjoyed the experience, so much so that we planned another meeting.

Whipping boy.
Mark arrived with a boxed cake treat for me perhaps he thought this would put me in a more pleasing mood to deal with him.
It had been agreed that he would assume the role of a whipping boy and accept punishment on behalf of my own submissive for naughtiness she had been up to during the week and deserved punishing for.
Mark is not naughty and does things to please rather than deserve punishment, but revels in the acceptance and receiving of the pain being inflicted by a spanking etc. Therefore this scenario was perfect for him to assume.
After an initial discussion and his acceptance of the punishment I put him over my knee and spanked him by hand from trousers to shorts to bare bottom. I then moved onto the tawse and several other implements and eventually ended up with him bent over a chair and gave him 24 strokes of my senior Kaboo cane then 12 with my Dragon by which time he had acquired a slight cut on his right cheek so I decided enough was enough and after treating this with an antiseptic wipe I allowed him to get dressed and the session was over.


Now Spanking adult males is not something im unaccustomed to, in my headmaster role I deal with several Adult boys, but Mark is a Transman in that he was originally a female lesbian but is now making the long journey to becoming male and although he is now after operations flat chested,  he still by choice retains female genitalia.
I know this will not be the last time Mark visits me.

If you would like to read more regarding Transmen look here

The OTK Gazette

The OTK Gazette by Bob Sacamano
This is Bobs third book a very laid back look at spanking taken from newspaper clippings and real life amusing articles all with a spanking theme.


Interestingly laid out as little snippets stories some with spanking drawings some cartoon style and some with photographs its a different take on the standard spanking reading book
Spanning some 109 years of articles this is a fact packed book a spanko’s delight and one every  spanking enthusiast should check out