Janus film review No 1

Im very proud to now be reviewing some films on behalf of Janus.

This a labor of love of a magazine that first introduced me into this wonderful thing I do. so forgive me if I relish in the moment. I shall be reviewing 3 films  in the first instance from the good old days of queuing up in the Janus shop to enter the viewing booth coins at the ready and I was never left wanting just always short of coins at the most exciting part.


Film no 1 is  Punishment for Penny
A  very old film that has seen better years as is stated on the website, but the content is of the best of its kind for the true Domestic Discipline enthusiast . naughty schoolgirl meets uncle with intent of sore  bottom ahead, plenty of otk spanking wriggling attempts to resist punishment and some very revealing angle shots from the camera man god bless him. when spanking is not enough to tame this naughty girl who has been skipping school out seeing boys and up to all sorts of mischief  Uncle decides to get his cane out  and remind Penny what her bottom is for, and what a cute bottom it is

You can find Punishment for Penny at the Janus Worldwide website


one of my favorite Janus films ever, a pleasure to review.

2 thoughts on “Janus film review No 1

  1. Just watched this film …
    My goodness she so reminded me of myself when I am a bout to get spanked.
    We like role play and I have done this type of play so many times but always a real reason to be punished.
    Anyway back to the film …
    Have to say the whole scene setting for this day and age is refreshing really goes back to old school days with the dialogue.
    The actress is wonderful so naughty feisty and perfect.
    The caning ouch was very real poor girl
    I would Definitely recommend this film for the older gent and spanking enthusiasts.
    Beautiful domestic scene and very nice camera work.

    fluffy xxx

  2. Ah . . . the Janus shop! Trying to make sure I had a pocketful of 50p pieces before going into the booth and then in fear of running out before the end of the film – and leaving the next person with the best bit! I also remember the embarrassment of exchanging glances with the person you were replacing, neither daring to look at the other. Silent films in the early days – I’m pretty sure the first one I saw was ‘The Punishment of Penny’. Was it this one or another one?
    How the internet has fundamentally changed things!

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