School party weekend

Well im returning to my roots tomorrow sat 27 4 2013  for the first time in two years and will be attending a school party organized by a very long time friend. Im hoping to assist the other teaching staff to instill some discipline although im sure this will be a thankless task  as usual, but standards must be maintained and im sure there will be some very red and very sore bottoms by the time school closes at 6pm tomorrow evening. My normal position in school is that of Headmaster but in this case I shall be standing down and just assisting but plan to be very pro active and keep my palm warm on some naughty Tearaway adult girls and boys. I shall also have my camera with me and hope to have some new photographs for my readers very soon but in the meantime hear are some images taken at  my junior school event not so long ago when as Headmaster I can be seen administering my usual form of discipline.



pixie cane

for psyce

5 thoughts on “School party weekend

  1. oh, Headmaster, You know it’s not a thankless task when you discipline us. I thank you every time…one sir, thank you sir. We all really appreciate your efforts. Hope you have a good time and give them hell.
    Kind regards,

  2. A very enjoyable party thank you for your interest and cements I shall be Blogging about the party later today with photographs

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