Manchester School party Part Two

Well after a long journey from Norfolk to Manchester I finally arrived at Piccadilly and was met by my friend and fellow spanker  Man_in_a_Suit .We made our way to the party venue  and were met by Rossi who was hosting the school party. Once inside and changed into my Headmaster’s attire the school began with quite a hotch potch  of students some in a sort of uniform some just normal day cloths certainly not up to the standard uniform requirements of Thrashwell. I counted  2 cd  3 schools boys and a stand in head girl not in uniform, unfortunately due to some drop outs due to various circumstances the female students had dwindled down three but what a three they were and certainly made the party go with spanking  gusto. The Headmaster Mr Rossi  started with geography class followed by other teachers various lessons , of course the spanking soon began and the  bottom’s became warm red and glowing , my thanks to Tearaway9 who took a very intense strapping and caning and im sure would have been there all  evening had it have been possible.

Tearaway9 c

To nortybotty who’s bottom lived up to its name and was well and truly spanked by myself and the other teacher’s,


and to newbie girl Rhiannon66 who had such a cute little peach of a bottom it seemed a shame to spank it,  but these things have to be done and some of us have to do it.

All in all a very enjoyable party some very nice people good venue and well worth the long journey. Im not sure when I may return but would recommend  future parties to anyone who can attend.

norty Terraway

3 thoughts on “Manchester School party Part Two

  1. Yes a top day was had by all im still wearing the bottom marks now:)
    Just love getting topped by rossi so did everything in my bratting to ensure it happened and to ease his guilt about giving me a good hiding im sure it hurt him more than me(don’t tell him I said that)
    Was great being dealt with by a great many more teesside dave,man in a suit and of course what was that guy called with the scary looking strap;)
    It was a great day glad you had fun geoff after such a long journey lets hope my bottom and your strap will meet again some day:)

  2. It was great to see Mr Geoff back in Manchester for the weekend and meet some old friends
    An ideal opportunity to introduce him to some of my current friends and playmates.

    It’s a while since I organised a school play party so it was less formal than Thrashwell but it’s encouraging to read that Mr Geoff enjoyed himself. The pupils who were disruptive were thoroughly dealt with as the photos show.
    Everyone seemed to have a great time so I hope to make this a regular event.

  3. Thanks for the invitation and organisation, Rossi it was great to meet up with you and other old friends (plus new associates) on Saturday. What fun – even as an observer – in interesting and friendly surroundings. The venue was great – and almost easy to find!
    Excellent revue and photos above, Mr Geoff.

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