Christy_Cutie film review

22F babygirl and pro spanking Model from Los Angeles, California,
And what a cutie she is delectable desirable and very spankable.
This is my first review of a Christy film and its obvious she is a born spanko with a peach of a bottom just dying to be spanked and caned.
The Punishment Ritual- is a no nonsense hard caning film lets get this clear with a Victorian feel about it. Christy the errant Daughter is summoned to her fathers study friday after school for him to review her behavior during the week at home and at school. when instructed to she climes onto the punishment bench and her wrists are fastened to secure her, her bloomers are pulled apart to reveal her delectable rear naked for all to see and admire, what follows is quite simply a cold hard caning that is thorough and real discipline.
Excellently filmed by ATPS Studios a caners film for cane lovers. and part of a series of films with Christy Cutie

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