Janus Review No 2 Hot Seat

Well im very happy to be reviewing my second Janus film  a personal favorite of mine.

Hot Seat is a film from the bygone age of cine ,well I can remember being sat in the booth in the Janus shop flooding coins into the  tv hoping I wouldn’t run out before the Knickers up knickers down bit you cant miss that bit its a spanker’s dream.


The Story Female keeps missing appointments with her female Probation officer and is given the choice of possibly going back to Prison or accepting a punishment from her officer, fortunately for us she chooses the later and is promptly put over the officers lap.

What follows is a crescendo of slaps from a female who knows how to spank a girls bottom but this is only the warm up and the best bit is about to bounce on to your screen when the officer produces a cane and instructs the female to begin  a knickers up knickers down routine of absolute pleasure to view.

I highly rate this now dated looking film to any true  spanker’s a real classic of its time available on download at Janus Worldwide

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