Well there are many types Knickers and panties but still a very popular theme amongst  the spanking community are them old fashioned bloomers, in particular the drawstring or pull apart type .theres nothing more enthralling than opening the seat of them bloomers to reveal a full pair of naked cheeks all ready for your attention. and if you dont believe me just look at some of the photographs ive taken here.








Theres nothing quite like a pair of open drawstring  bloomers to set a spanko’s heart racing

8 thoughts on “Bloomers

  1. the bloomers nicely frame a womans most beautiful asset. her buttocks. to cane, tarse, or otherwise mark them and leave them with a beautiful color is one of life’s real pleasures.

  2. Totally agree Harry.
    I spanked my girl last night for her usual discipline and she arrived in her drawstring bloomers so even more relevant after this posting

  3. I have posted this on your blog Master because of the bloomers
    Because Master cares

    Journal Entry | 9 Comments | 1 day ago

    Since returning to work….
    I have been a little uppity especially when it comes to how many hours I am aloud to work.
    Because of health reasons I am not allowed to work over 4 hours a day. I love the little job I have and many times I try to sneak in an extra hour.
    But Master has taken to calling my phone at 1pm and asking where I am!

    I know he does this because he cares but I get upset because I want to stay and work.
    Twice this week i was very snippity and said “I will be home when I am good and ready!” With a snap in my voice.
    Masters voice came back with a bite and I will admit I left quick.

    Last night was my discipline night … I thought I would please Sir by wearing my drawstring bloomers.
    After a quick “very nice” comment from Sir regarding the bloomers.
    I was standing in front of Master being scolded. I knew he was right about everything so I kept quite, then found myself really thinking deeply about my behavior.

    OTK Master parted the bottom part of my bloomers and started with a very hard hand spanking on my legs and bottom the spanking was stinging but Sirs words were burning, making me feel so guilty how I had allowed myself to be so disrespectful.
    I was now already shaking with tears … Master picked up a nasty plastic strip and continued the lesson ,each smack was punctuated with words which dug deeper and deeper into my concision.
    Now sobbing my heart out.I heard the implement as it was thrown down.
    To get the message across Sir used a paddle to finish the session off.
    I crawled off his lap knelt on the floor sobbing into his lap.
    A few more harsh words then I was taken up and cuddled.

    I know Master only gets on to me because he cares and I will be leaving work on time this week

    fluffy xxx

  4. I love a naughty woman to wear Directoire Knickers, I love to pull them down to around her ankles. Then with her bare bottom enhanced by suspender-belt and stockings, I sexually and erotically love to cane her naked rear end. Six or more strokes. of the best strokes with this pliable corporal punishment implement would be perfect to apply to bare bottom.

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