Spanking in school uniform for Adults

The appeal of dressing up in uniform has been around for many years and

many enjoy reliving there school days and re experiencing the

Corporal punishment they received from a teacher or the Headmaster.

One would think this was limited to anyone who was at school during

the days when cp in school was commonplace but not so.

Many males and  females from as young as 21 approach me interested in being spanked

Although now set in the East Anglia countryside our school Thrashwell

 has been established

over a number of years and originated out of private parties in the North West.

 Here we offer like minded adults the chance to take part in an authentic style

 School setting and live out there fantasy of reliving the days when bad behaviour

 Meant strict punishments.

 The Headmaster is assisted by a varying selection of teachers that rotate each

Term and teach various subjects including English French Spanish German

History biology geography maths art and music.

Home work is often set by teachers and must be handed in at the beginning

of class for marking If you would like to a attend a future term just contact the Headmaster.

For further information regarding term dates and times

drop me a line at

7 thoughts on “Spanking in school uniform for Adults

  1. I was a very naughty girl when I was at school. But I always seemed to get away with it. So I craved for those days when uniform was taken seriously .
    You stood when a teacher entered the classroom.
    You did not dare talk back or behave unruly.

    I now attend Thashwell it is a very well orginased school day … The right amount of strictness means you know when NO means NO but there is still lots of fun to be had.
    We have a school assembly then are led to our classrooms

    1. I was not so much naughty as cheeky when I was at school. Of course that was at a time when corporal punishment was the norm and you knew how far you could push your luck with the teachers. The headmaster was a different story and under no circumstances would you be disrespectful or cheeky to him. Thrashwell is just like those times and is a shear delight to relive those long ago days when bad behaviour got you into trouble.

      Notall teachers would spank a pupil back in my day but that isn’t the case at Thrashwell. Care must be taken as to how far a teacher can

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