Janus film review no 3

Back in the 80s  you could enter the wonderful world of  the Janus shop   in Old Compton street London  and go into one of the video booths and view films like  Mummy Daddy and Daughter Naughty Jan  an excellent Age play film of its time  and  a Janus classic of Domestic Discipline.

Mummy, Daddy and Daughter (Naughty Jan)

Caught red handed and soon to be red bottomed  with a packet of  cigarettes and wearing her  mothers nail varnish  both parents attempt  to spank  her for her bad behavior but decide a better way to deal with her is a good caning  so daughter Jan ends up bent over a stool bare bottomed in just her vest. a must for all who love this type of spanking scenario Running for 20 minuets this film is  now available on download from the Janus Worldwide website http://www.janusworldwide.com/store/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=410

The  female playing the part of Jan is the same  girl  from Hot Seat who was doing the spanking so she obviously enjoyed a spanking herself.

A great film and one I very much enjoyed viewing im sure you will also

2 thoughts on “Janus film review no 3

  1. If you could actually down load the films they would be fantastic to watch again. I can’t down load the films. I get messages stating , uses an unsupported form of compression. It puts my computer into havoc for a while. Customer support is a nightmare. No one gets back to you.

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