Ass Training

A very honest and arousing story so good I just had to reblog it

Audrey Bird

“Your ass is too tight.”  I blinked and looked at him.


“Your ass is too tight.  It hurts you when I fuck it, and I want to fuck you more.  And harder.”  I waited for him to continue.  “So from now on we’re going to train your little asshole to take my cock better.”

“How will you do that?”

“It’s easy.  You need to be a good little girl and train yourself to be nice and ready for me to fuck your ass whenever I like.”  He handed me a brand new bright blue butt plug.  “You are to keep this with you at all times.  I’ll text you to have you wear it whenever I like.  When I text, you’re to insert it and take a photo with your phone, and send it to me to show me you’re following orders.”  I frowned, slightly petulant.

“What if I…

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