18 thoughts on “My new Reformatory Cane

  1. The first swipe made me jump up and want to snap the cane in half. It took all my will keep in the position Master demanded. It is very much a discipline cane.
    However after a good 12 strokes I started to relax and sorry to admit this but I enjoined the rest of the caning 🙂
    But dont for one minute think the last 30 odd strokes didnt hurt because they did more than Masters other canes including his horrid thin whippy one

    1. I have only just found this delightful blog & loving it!
      re Whippy & Stingy Cane – would in your opinion Mr Geoff a junior Dragon be better that senior Kaboo? I’m looking for something really good in this category

      1. Hello Naughty
        My personal taste would be for a Junior Dragon from Quality Control see my links page whippy but slightly stiffer cane that imparts a real burning sting im told.

  2. What a sexual erotic pleasure I would have in caning this naughty beauty. Wearing suspender-belt and stockings, which show her voluptuous naked bare bottom to the fullest , corporal punishing her would be a heavenly pleasure.

  3. I have always believed that when a cane is used on a naughty female’s bare bottom, it should be painfully felt. that is the reason for using a cane. For my philosophy is “A cane must pain”.

  4. Quite beautiful – lovely bottom & extremely nice dress – very well turned out lady
    Mr Geoff you seem to like the ladies to dress for the occasion – perhaps we could have some pics of the outfit before the skirt is raised – obviously without faces

    WELL DONE to Misty not only for appearance but for taking such a thrashing – quite a girl!

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