Outside Spankings

In the summertime when the weather is we can go outside and have a spanking good time.
We can all sing along to that one while were driving out to the woodland and forests, im sure all of us have somewhere to get out to and take advantage of the warmer weather arriving our way this summer.
For me there is nothing better than the sound of bare hand spanking the bare cheeks of a lovely bottom all shapes and sizes and colours it doesn’t matter to me its about having some fun out in the great outdoors so lets all get out there this summer and spank some bottoms or ask your spanker to take you for a nice evening drive and when you get out for a walk and find a suitable spot drop those pants or flip that skirt up and bend over for a nice hot spanking and feel that fresh air on your cheeks.
It can also be a good idea to take a spanko friend along to keep watch for stray dog walkers and unexpected cyclists appearing out of nowhere and I can speak from experience from that happening to mew during a session.
Its also a good time to have a camera handy to get some great shot maybe even a few kinky riskay ones if your in the mood as I often am with my camera in my hand.
below are some shots of me in action outside and a few I took while out taking advantage of some bare cheeks on display. Enjoy your summer and lets make it a spanking good one everyone.

G sammy3 MG jo8 MG jo4


Paddle Review updated

I was recently sent a new paddle to try out from the very nice people at Fancy a Fetish, its named quite appropriately the Black Leather Slim Studded Paddle 115 its made of Leather and features 27 Chrome Studs on each side.
• length 380mm (15″)
• Width at widest point 53mm (2 1/4″)
• With at narrowest point 40mm (1 1/2″)
• Thickness 10mm (1/2″)
some images ive taken of the paddle below



Its quite a little slapper and gives a real sting to the recipient’s behind im told .

If your looking for hand stitched  collector paddles then this wont be for you, but if your seeking  to spice to spice up your bedroom fun with a bit spanking and want a paddle with a bite to it then you will have hours of fun with this leather slapper.

Below is photo of myself in action using an identical paddle and as you can see its very effective.

MG jo7

You can find Fancy a Fetish  in my links pages take a look at there great range of products

Just adding an image of the impact of this paddle having just tested it out on my subs bottom


She wasn’t to impressed saying its very stingy and in no hurry to try it again so perhaps as an update this paddle is more for those who like to play quite hard.


Spanking the adult male

Although my first preference will always be to spank a nice female bottom, as a Dominant I feel I should always be an equal opportunities spanker and therefore I will occasionally   accept selective males to discipline. I say selective because I get so many requests from males wanting all sorts of discipline and some include areas im not interested in  or prepared to go to. For me spanking a male be it in a role play ie Headmaster student  or a domestic theme is all about control  and nothing more, im not gay or bi sexual I just love the control it gives me. Many men have contacted me saying they want a really good hard spanking over the knee bare bottom hand slipper belt even the cane but in fact very few have been able to take a hard hand spanking from me and a few have even cried  and .been able to take a slippering without wriggling about and crying like a baby. There are also those who like to  regress to their school days and visit the Headmasters study for 6 of the best in full school uniform, I have often included  a female student in this scenario as extra humiliation for the offending adult boy. Here are some images taken of some of my adult male discipline sessions. Dover2b Dover4b Dover7 Hackett2b6 slipper3 slipper2 Waxing strapped two against wall DSC_0004 DSC_0012DSC_0017

Back to school

Hello everyone.

Last weekend was my adult school day again here in Norfolk UK.

It was a very busy day for discipline as there were many unruly students and behaviour levels were not great.

All Teachers handed out firm but fair discipline and spankings were  the order of the day.

Below are a few images taken of me spanking during the day .

IMG_0768_edited IMG_0789_edited IMG_0766_edited IMG_0770_edited IMG_0784_edited IMG_0778_edited

Below are images of my detention class

IMG_0810_edited IMG_0807_edited IMG_0813_edited IMG_0817_edited IMG_0836_edited IMG_0820_edited