Spanking the adult male

Although my first preference will always be to spank a nice female bottom, as a Dominant I feel I should always be an equal opportunities spanker and therefore I will occasionally   accept selective males to discipline. I say selective because I get so many requests from males wanting all sorts of discipline and some include areas im not interested in  or prepared to go to. For me spanking a male be it in a role play ie Headmaster student  or a domestic theme is all about control  and nothing more, im not gay or bi sexual I just love the control it gives me. Many men have contacted me saying they want a really good hard spanking over the knee bare bottom hand slipper belt even the cane but in fact very few have been able to take a hard hand spanking from me and a few have even cried  and .been able to take a slippering without wriggling about and crying like a baby. There are also those who like to  regress to their school days and visit the Headmasters study for 6 of the best in full school uniform, I have often included  a female student in this scenario as extra humiliation for the offending adult boy. Here are some images taken of some of my adult male discipline sessions. Dover2b Dover4b Dover7 Hackett2b6 slipper3 slipper2 Waxing strapped two against wall DSC_0004 DSC_0012DSC_0017

48 thoughts on “Spanking the adult male

  1. Well sir I know what its like to be a boy waiting for a thrashing from you…. The idea of stood in line holding a punishment tool waiting for my bottom to be bared as a girl watches scares me but I know I need it to teach me to behave better!

    1. It will soon be Thrashwell School day again Anthony and knowing you im sure you will be getting yourself into trouble again

  2. so much underrated the slipper i was brought up on it and it made me sleep face down without fail and still does.

      1. yes i have been slippered from childhood and still receive today, but sadly the slippers i grew up with are so hard to get hold of now.

  3. As a male ‘spankee’ I would like to be dealt with by a sexy female teacher or head girl etc. But, I was disciplined lots as a real schoolboy and it was administered mostly by male authority figures. Therefore I like to be spanked etc. by males these days when I am roleplaying being a naughty boy again. I am not after sex when in role as ben the naughty schoolboy, just to be made to wear what I had to wear back then and to be punished as I was then too. You, Sir do just that, excellently!

  4. Thank you for this post. I found it great. Funnily enough the female Dom (I prefer female Dom to Domme) who currently plays with me usually only plays with females. She loves playing with me because I love hard impact play. I am one of her special people she plays with. We have a very special play relationship. I have had wonderful hard play from male Doms. I imagine the role play where the male Headmaster summons me into his office for a good dose of the cane. I actually received CP – six of the best from a leather strap, delivered to my hands, while I was at school in the 1960’s by the male duty teacher. It was this that actually got me interested in receiving spankings which throughout my life I have gone out of my way to receive.

  5. The Detentions are very popular Kres and may soon be requiring a Blog all of there own, you would need to contact me privately to discuss this in more detail

    1. Mg thank you sir. I report to sir for the cane for numerous repeat offences requiring complete strictness. Regulation at mail dot com

  6. It was way back in 1971–but i was an adult–a young adult and was paddled bare assed by my boss while selling real estate in a private development he owned—-Two of us got caught swimmin in the private pool–(which was not for us employees) We thought it was a time of day when it was safe and we were WRONG—He paddled our bare butts in front of the other guys who also sold and lived with us on the property–It was embarrassing and he really made it hurt alot on our naked butts—We kept our jobs and made great money so it was better than being fired—-However, the pain on our butts was fierce and getting it infront of the other guys was shaming

    1. Good one. I thought that getting spanked at work was strictly an imaginary event, something from our fantasy life. If this really happened I say great one.

    2. I just saw this post although it is old—-I,too got spanked bare at a work site (construction) back in high school in the 60’s It was bare and it hurt like crazy and in front of the other guys at end of day I saw tough looking adult males get it—–we slept in crowed trailers so the guy with the red sore butt got teased that night

  7. Is the guy being punished wearing brown t bar Mary Jane shoes? I have always wanted to be punished wearing a pair of these. It looks so funny him wearing such girly shoes and being punished bare bottom with the girls. I bet the girls loved seeing him in such attire and seeing him with no underwear 🙂

    1. Wayne I think they are traditional boys school shoes of a certain era as male in question was very particular about details of his uniform i think they would be in keeping .

  8. Would love to know where he got those t bar shoes. He must have been really bad for you to punish him with no underwear. What fun though 🙂

  9. I have no idea where he purchased them from Wayne and I have lost contact with him so unfortunately cant help .
    It was all part of his humiliation and something he had mentioned to me in earlier correspondence he had as a fantasy about for many years, so i surprised him and arranged for my then two submissive s to take part . It made his day you could say .

  10. Humiliation is a key part of the punishment for me. Especially being punished on the bare bottom in front of female classmates. I love that removal of control and power. The wearing of such childish t bar school sandals
    would heighten my embarrassment further. Did he try and cover himself up in front of the girls. I cant help but feel his helplessness and vulnerability.

    1. You beleive humiliation is a key aprt of a bare spanking an d that is your right–When I got it bare over coaches knee in high school football I hated the pain on my butt –I also hated the humiliation as other guys could see me get it It was especailly when i got it at 17 and there were 7th and 8th grae school boys in locker room I was a big strong guy and having to put my naked butt over coache’s lap made me want to vomit–much less my damn sore butt

  11. He was very committed to his part having lived it for many years with many Teachers Headmasters ,this was just one of several complete uniforms he owned. He just did as he was told.and was very into his role.

  12. Do you get contacted by a lot of women that want to witness a male being spanked in uniform? Do the women really enjoy them being embarrassed? What sort of feedback do you get from the both the male and the females witnessing the punishment?

  13. My best friend and i got paddled by coach way back in high school and then briefly played around a bit with giving each other bare spanks–then we never did it—Yrs later we go camping every summer One night each really confesses like a 5ht step kind of deal and then gets his naked butt spanked/paddled by other–then the opposite guy another night–we may sound weird or depraved or whatever—but its part of our ritual it really hurts the butt of the guy getting it and the confessions are real–but we like it and continue to do it

  14. I was glad to come across this site. I am a 62 year old male who still and needs and on occasion receives corporal punishment. It does well to “re-set” myself and work to stop misbehavior and go forward in a positive manner having atoned for the past. I am required to report every 8 weeks to a gentleman that serves as my mentor and disciplinarian. This is not a sexual thing but strict discipline as can be proven by the cane marks on my bottom that I received after a recent caning.

    1. Yes David i have done this myself in the past for several males, but now concentrating on female bottoms only .unless its part of my school day as The Headmaster when i often can naughty adult boys bottoms in my study .

      1. School day sounds like a busy day. My disciplinarian has 3 males and 4 female clients including myself. I think he calls for a “meeting” from time to time with all his clients. I have been told that in the past male and female may find themselves next to each other with their bottoms bared for discipline. I do know that if it happens to me I will not have a choice.

    1. I consider myself fortunate as those that you mentor. It has been very helpful to me to have his advice and guidance. I think that you understand how important that is. I have been having some financial issues that I have not handled very well and his advice has helped me greatly and having very real and painful immediate consequence is putting me back on track. Many people would not understand that. I have been being mentored by this man since June. We communicate and update weekly. For this to be of any value, honesty is essential. I have not been honest on a few occasions due to embarrassment which caused me a great deal of further embarrassment as I was punished for it. And I appreciate communicating with you.

      1. Yes these relationships only work if your prepared to accept the punishments , almost like a confessional , and a well spanked bottom can be a relief of problems that could otherwise cause stress an lead to ill health

      2. It is amazing how much better I am feeling. There is a direct connection between my brain and my bare bottom.

  15. I noticed on your site a mention of a punishment book. I have to keep a journal “punishment book” where missteps are recorded. He also keeps a book that he reviewed to determine if these missteps are ones that are being repeated. I have had two that were repeated which triggers visiting the reasons this is happening and re-understanding that behaviors need to be re-learned and consequences are applied appropriately. I am going to check in with my mentor on Saturday afternoon for discussions and correction. I believe that there will be another man and a woman there for the same reasons.

  16. It was a very uncomfortable ride home from my mentor’s home last Saturday evening. I received very serious correction for misbehavior. There were two ladies and myself that had to bring our punishment books for review. The two ladies were spanked first. And I added to my misbehavior by enjoying the site of the two ladies nice big rounded bums being spanked and hearing their cries as the paddle connected on their behind. The ladies however got some satisfaction back as their watched me getting the same on my behind then three of us with our bottoms bared serving corner time. I know that I react well to this correction but I still am sore and have trouble sitting.

    1. Yes it was Sir. The two ladies and myself had no doubt that we had been properly dealt with as I am fairly confident you would have taken the same action.

  17. I received an email from my mentor checking in on me and was reminded that I am supposed to be the one to keep in contact with him and a reminder will be given when we meet. He said that perhaps I am not taking this seriously and a taste of the birch might help.

    1. David, as much as i have enjoyed hearing about your relationships i have limited bandwidth etc here, so can i please ask that you keep your comments in relation to my blogs posted thank you .

  18. It was years ago–In our vocational agriculture class –which was all male–the teacher paddled guys bare for discipline–It so happened my teacher and I had worked together building houses together the summer before—While i always treated him with respect while working with him None the less, we could not help become sort of friends—- While good co workers he did not hesitate to paddle my bare butt when he was my teacher –He made my bare butt hurt alot!

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