Outside Spankings

In the summertime when the weather is we can go outside and have a spanking good time.
We can all sing along to that one while were driving out to the woodland and forests, im sure all of us have somewhere to get out to and take advantage of the warmer weather arriving our way this summer.
For me there is nothing better than the sound of bare hand spanking the bare cheeks of a lovely bottom all shapes and sizes and colours it doesn’t matter to me its about having some fun out in the great outdoors so lets all get out there this summer and spank some bottoms or ask your spanker to take you for a nice evening drive and when you get out for a walk and find a suitable spot drop those pants or flip that skirt up and bend over for a nice hot spanking and feel that fresh air on your cheeks.
It can also be a good idea to take a spanko friend along to keep watch for stray dog walkers and unexpected cyclists appearing out of nowhere and I can speak from experience from that happening to mew during a session.
Its also a good time to have a camera handy to get some great shot maybe even a few kinky riskay ones if your in the mood as I often am with my camera in my hand.
below are some shots of me in action outside and a few I took while out taking advantage of some bare cheeks on display. Enjoy your summer and lets make it a spanking good one everyone.

G sammy3 MG jo8 MG jo4


7 thoughts on “Outside Spankings

  1. I’ve been given bare bottomed spankings in the great outdoors over my wife’s knee or over a fallen tree for years when we go hiking or camping. On a few occasions female hikers or campers have witnessed my humiliation and have egged my wife on and have given a few wolf whistles to boot.

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