Paddle Review updated

I was recently sent a new paddle to try out from the very nice people at Fancy a Fetish, its named quite appropriately the Black Leather Slim Studded Paddle 115 its made of Leather and features 27 Chrome Studs on each side.
• length 380mm (15″)
• Width at widest point 53mm (2 1/4″)
• With at narrowest point 40mm (1 1/2″)
• Thickness 10mm (1/2″)
some images ive taken of the paddle below



Its quite a little slapper and gives a real sting to the recipient’s behind im told .

If your looking for hand stitched  collector paddles then this wont be for you, but if your seeking  to spice to spice up your bedroom fun with a bit spanking and want a paddle with a bite to it then you will have hours of fun with this leather slapper.

Below is photo of myself in action using an identical paddle and as you can see its very effective.

MG jo7

You can find Fancy a Fetish  in my links pages take a look at there great range of products

Just adding an image of the impact of this paddle having just tested it out on my subs bottom


She wasn’t to impressed saying its very stingy and in no hurry to try it again so perhaps as an update this paddle is more for those who like to play quite hard.


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