Age/Role play

Age/role play can be a very dodgy subject but has its place in this scene if it is handled in the correct way.
Age play is more about the psychological side than the physical the build up coldness and the scolding, in my Headmaster role I could have adult males queuing round the building there are so many wanting to re visit the Headmasters study for a caning, but with females its more the slipper or leather belt as used by parents at that time.
I would warn anyone thinking of regressing into a age role play scene with a adult female to talk to them in depth and find out exactly what their needs are and not just jump in wanting to give a sound beating this in general is not what its all about.
For me its not about the punishment in itself its about the control side, I personally would get no pleasure from giving a severe thrashing to anyone, mine is more about the mind games involved.

4 thoughts on “Age/Role play

  1. Interesting post and I fully agree with you re the psychological side of things. Mind set is everything. I find ageplay fascinating and have just had my first book published on Amazon (Little Lizbet). From my observations, I think many people new to ageplay don’t fully understand how far back they need to regress, and it takes a patient, understanding Daddy/caregiver etc to help nurture and guide their little, ensuring over time that their needs are met.
    Chloe Carpenter

    1. Thanks for your comments Chloe, its an interesting subject that if treated the wrong way can have just the opposite effect .
      If you would like your book featured on my blog please get in contact.

      1. That’s very kind of you thanks. I have three titles – Little Lizbet, Little Ruthie, and the last one published yesterday is Little Evie. If you let me have your email address I’d be happy to send you a review copy. Thanks, Chloe

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