The Strap of Redemption

In  blogging this latest review I should first like to state that  I have not received any freebies or inducements to do so, and that  I do so only because of the love I have for spanking and the  cp scene worldwide, and my enthusiasm to share with the community and educate any newcomers to the scene on potential future  purchases of quality craftsmanship.
This is the first of two implement reviews on behalf of a very creative workshop producing high quality scene related  leather goods.

The Strap of Redemption based on the  Peterhead strap “design.

It was my pleasure to test this new strap out over several weeks at different spanking events on many different willing bottoms including my own submissive , the results were very satisfying  indeed a wonderful implement to wield and smack down on a well filled  pair of cheeks both female male and cd tv etc.

At first I was unsure of this new design as it was long  measuring some 25 inches long just over 2 inches wide 16mm thick at the handle end tapering to 7 to 8 mm at the business end made of finest English bridle/stirrup butt with 8 buffalo hide stiffener at the handle end  but its all a matter of practise and after first testing it out on my girl holding it at arms length and placing the tip on her left cheek and tapping it down several times increasing in speed and strength  it  gave a very stinging result  im told,  then measuring it across both cheeks and slapping it down using the supple leather as you would any  tawse belt strap of various kinds  to impart a good lesson in discipline.

This is a well constructed implement that delivers the goods big time in my opinion and a real collectors piece, not the cheapest candy in the box  but definitely the most exciting to unwrap

Available in black brown and Saddle tan , Price £115 which includes postage within UK , rest of the world Add £12. .
included can be  two Initials embossed .F.O.C. Via the bespoke /custom department it is also available in cutom colours . Red , Regency Green ,Antique Burgandy , Blue ,ect .as well as contrast stitching if required ,, please contact via for further details /prices and to discuss your exact requirements for personaliised strap .
Many clients want something that is customised to them. Ouch

DSC_0010 DSC_0010-2 DSC_0012 DSC_0047 DSC_0050

work hard to deliver on this

21 thoughts on “The Strap of Redemption

  1. Thank you for this interesting review. I’m already the proud owner of some lovely creations from Ouch, including a special design of mine of a hybrid Sjambok/Tawse and I can confirm the exceptional quality of the materials and superb craftsmanship of every product.

  2. The Strap of Redemption was certainly very lovely to look at and you could tell it was of good quality. I was threatened with this as I had been extremely cheeky to MG and knew I deserved to be punished for it. He informed me that he would be using this new strap he was testing out. It looked scary and painful, but I knew MG was an expert at using such implements and felt I should take my punishment with pride.
    The sound as it landed on my large bare bottom was wonderful and made me wince at first. It was stingy, but thuddy at the same time. As I winced and cried out in pain, I soon gave in to the steady rhythm of the strap and after a while, realised it actually felt wonderful. I even asked for me, I think!!
    A lovely strap indeed!! But hopefully I will be a good girl from now on….and wont need it again – or will I?? Thanks MG for using this on me. I feel honoured to be one of your ‘testers’ !!

    missnortycurves x

  3. “Exciting to unwrap” 🙂 What a lovely review Master.
    I am the girl in the photo and has you can see it really did give me a hot seat.
    You can certainly feel the Quality in this strap it is not at all flimsy.
    Luckily I only had the pleasure of its nasty whack about a dozen times.
    The edging of the strap is also smooth with a suburb finish, no nasty rough edges like you can get with some straps.
    I would not wish to be on the receiving end too soon after it was used so therefore this is the ideal discipline strap for a lesson learned.
    x fluffy x

  4. I met MG for the first time at a spanking party a few weeks ago and had the pleasure of him using this strap on me. I was a bit apprehensive at first but MG started off lightly and gradually increased the intensity of the strike. I think he gave me 12 or 13 strikes which is more than I’ve taken before with a strap. This one has lovely smooth edges so though it stings there were no hard edges cutting into my bottom. Left me very tender and hot. Lovely 🙂
    Thanks MG for letting me be one of your testers
    Susan x

  5. Having been the recipient of The Strap of Redemption I’m reminded of the saying …….’ it does what it says on the tin’.
    MG certainly knows how to use it as an encouragement to improve one’s behaviour, and very effective it is too.
    I wonder if I’ll ever be good, or bad, enough to feel it’s sting again.

    1. You will be pleased to know the lovely strap has now been sent back. Although I am sure the lovely people @Ouch will send other products for MG to test on us such willing er I mean unwilling victims 🙂 xx

  6. I too was lucky enough to be one of the people who was allowed to test this strap and I fell in love with it immediately! It looks fearsome and feels thuddy with a delicious sting. MG wielded it with his usual skill and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I hope to experience it again at some time. Thank you for letting me feel it Sir.

  7. I’ve also experienced the strap (seems to be a lot of that going around). I agree with everyone else on the sensation. It’s got enough impact to hurt, but also has the lightness to sting as well. You’d have to very much not into impact to dislike this strap.

    It looks very solid, the assumption is that it will have a very heavy impact. No idea what sort of advanced materials science was used to make it work like it does

  8. Hi MG,
    First of all thanks for taking the time to evaluate my latest strap, that I sent to you .
    Thanks also to all of you that have left such positive comments having experienced my products .It is very much appreciated .
    Making these implements is not only my Business but my Passion as well , and hopefully it shows !
    The Strap has now been returned to me , Thanks you can all misbehave again 🙂
    MG. I hope you will be kind enough to Test out further products from my range of Canes, Straps floggers paddles and tawses in the future

    Kindest Regards to you all
    Mike ,
    Owner and Craftsman ,

  9. fluffy im pleased you felt the strap was of good quality its not many you are pleased to see the back of so it must have done its job well on your bottomxxx

  10. Noobstick
    As the only male to feel the string of the Strap across your backside its good to read your comments, so thank you.

  11. Mike
    Thanks for allowing me to continue to help evaluate your fine range of products, it is always my pleasure to work with a true gentleman and craftsman of this industry.

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