My way or the Highway ( A new spanking DVD review)

Hello to all my spanking film lovers out there.

This morning I had the pleasure of viewing the first  a new range  of spanking DVDs on behalf of the Private shop kings Lynn

A film by Strictly English My Way or the Highway

I enjoyed this DVD very much something I find hard to say as many in the past I have purchased from sex/adult stores ive found to be very pattacake  badly acted and didn’t hit the mark (excuse the pun) for me having been in the spanking scene a long time.

The story line is quite predictable as you know what’s going to happen, a rather posh lodger Gillian tries to pull the wool over her old Landlords eyes by trying to avoid housework, then after borrowing his car arriving home late at night drunk leaving a dent in the wing, but her Landlord is no push over and has eyes on her cute little bum and intends to spank it good and proper.

A very authentic corporal punishment film  a very cute spankable arse that she loves showing off, lots of good firm hard bare bottom spanking, slipper sole, table tennis bat, and a very good caning.

A very good film to watch nice close ups lots of Gillian stretching bending over and nice following her up the stairs shot up skirt rubbing her cute bum.

Definitely recommend this onto my readers and the spanking community  enjoy folks

The private shop Kings Lynn East Anglia stocks this DVD and give good discounts when purchasing a few at a time.

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