My new Flogger

Having been involved in the spanking and bdsm fetish scene for many years I have made many new friends and contacts and several are trades people who make and sell to the worldwide community . Quite recently I was testing out two items for  a strap and a flogger and in this blog im going to discuss the flogger.

On initial discussions with Mike the owner and producer of all Ouch items I was asked what kind of flogger I liked to use and to be honest for me it has just been a case of just seeing one on a display at a fetish fair and just handling and purchasing  the one that takes my fancy, Mike asked me via e mail what length I would like, how many falls, what weight, what kind of handle, I was expecting him to just send me one he had already made to test out and blog for him but oh no he wanted me to have a flogger to enjoy using to my own design and dimensions something truly unique to me.

I sent him a photo of my own flogger purchased  coincidentally from another Mike of Masterpiece in  the North west.

What arrived some weeks later in the post when opened I could not believe, it was as if my own flogger had taken on new life in a new form

The turned handle  is made of Gaboon Ebony  a beutiful hard wood deep black in colour,, with fairly soft black calf skin falls, but having quite a lot of falls , it ihas a pleasing soft yet thuddy feel. a beutiful item to use and own ,
All of the floggers made by ouch are Individually crafted in house from the hand chosen and turned wooden handles to the choice of leather falls which are again cut in house , for a trully unique piece .which will give years of pleasure.
Ouch make Floggers / Martinets from £50 upwards , including postage within the UK
Rest of the world add £15

Having tested this flogger out on several backs bottoms and thighs  I found it to have a wonderful weight just right for me to use as I must admit im a bit of an exhibitionist  when it comes to floggers and I love to spin mine in the air above my submissives  body  landing it with different force both gentle and harsh creating many different sensations and sending her into subspace a state of total relaxation and almost sleep state.

I was so impressed with this flogger I purchased it from  and I am very please to commend anyone seeking a bespoke flogger of quality and integrity and individualism to look no further.

All images included here are taken by myself except those taken of me in action by a new friend on my camera phone in difficult lighting so not the best quality.

Update April

Just added two more image’s of a flogging session with a wonderful female slave of a friend of mine he graciously allows me to play with  just loving my flogger best investment for a long time .

DSC_0462 DSC_0465

15 thoughts on “My new Flogger

  1. I had the pleasure of having this flogger used on me a few months back. Being flogged is one of my favourite things so I was happy to volunteer. This flogger feels really good, was quite thuddy and left my skin tingling. I felt myself drifting off while it was being used. I would love to have it used on me again if I ever get the opportunity.

  2. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of this flogger, it was applied by a person who I would say is a Master of floggers. The weight of the flogger was perfect for me, the tingle and thud of each stroke soon had me totally relaxed and it sent me away to my own space.

  3. Hi MG , Im so pleased you and your volounteers enjoyed using and receiving the flogger I made for you to appraise recently.
    Floggers are one of my personal favourites ,and Everything I make is made as if its for myself .
    That one was a real beauty and im not surprised that you decided to buy it !
    I wish you many years of happy flogging.
    And thanks again taking the time to appraise some of my items

    Mike .
    Owner and Craftsman of

  4. Thanks Mike
    I love the flogger its so like my own now aging one, but of a higher quality in so many ways, its a joy to use .

  5. Without a doubt this flogger is a superbly crafted piece of kit, beautifully soft falls of just the right length to make it sing as it swings and the gorgeous, beautifully finished ebony grip which is comfortable in the hand, perfectly balanced and a joy to look at…

    A fine flogger for flamboyant flourishes!

    My slave enjoyed her experience as a ‘test subject’ and I found it very photogenic in action too…

    1. Azrael
      Thank you for the use of your slave as seen in the phone shots, I very much enjoyed flogging her and look forward to spanking her soon

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