Girl on Girl spanking DVD review

Well first let me say girl spanks girl is not my favourite subject so im probably not the best person to comment on this DVD by strictly English, but  I decided id have a look and well what an interesting selection there is to choose from.

On loan to review the second spanking DVD from the Private shop Kings Lynn.

.This DVD is a collection of over an hour of  5 short films, some remastered and some un released spanking action including,  part one The German au pair girl,  part 2 Hot and sultry, part 3 Heads or Tails part 4 Temperature rising,  part 5  Kate and Lisa.

Of these 5 films  for me without a doubt part 4 Temperature Rising is by far the best,  a nurse with the most sexiest cutest spankable bottom ive seen in ages lies face down uniform pulled up and knickers pulled down bottom in the air rising and falling  and putting on a show that hard me hard within the first few seconds of watching it in motion, until her equally sexy very dominant matron arrives  and delivers a loud hard and thorough hand and hairbrush spanking to that delicious pair of bare cheeks  really horny stuff and well worth the price tag to get that one film a spankers dream  and one ill remember over and over for a long time.

DSC_0305 DSC_0307

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