My new Canadian prison strap

Well you may remember my blog recently called ouch is the only word?

Well what do you think arrived  on Friday just in time for my Saturdays munch and evening visit to a local fetish club  my very own made to order Canadian Prison strap in black with my very own MG insignia its beautify made  im very pleased with the result.

my new strap_edited

my new strap.2_edited

Very easy to use with the solid firm grip handle and the strap itself pliable leather that slaps down with a wicked slap noise and brings lots of response from the bottom it impacts with  truly a delight to use.

I put the strap to good use at my munch as the photos will show and although all shots here are only taken with my camera phone I think you can get the idea of the impact it had on those brave enough to offer their bare bottoms up for treatment.

It was well used at the munch but also brought out to play at the evenings fetish club when my sub .lay down on a massage table

and received a what must have been at least 30-40 slaps on her bare bottom she is one tough cookie 🙂





The above photos were taken at my munch thank you to those who were spanked, I don’t have any of my subs spanking as cameras are not allowed in the fetish club.

My thanks to Mike at   for making me this wonderful strap  I highly recommend it to any experienced players as this is not a beginner’s toy.

5 thoughts on “My new Canadian prison strap

  1. I normally hate these leather straps that is why they are absolutely ideal for punishment.
    The thickness heaviness and the width adds to the scarey factor.
    The first whack was more than ouch by the 12 whack I was winging and complaining. Sir was having none of it so I decided to stubborn this session out 🙂 But with every lick of that strap after I relaxed I begun to want more.
    It did feel like I had taken over a 100 slaps I could feel myself getting more and more excited then at the club in a public dungeon play room. I tensed squeaked and sexually exploded yum 🙂 x

  2. I was honored to be the very first person to ‘christen’ this wonderful implement, under the expertise of MG. I was due a punishment, and this was perfect. I adore leather straps, and this particular strap was a fine example. The heavy ‘thwack’ as it landed on my ample bottom (pictured above!!) was stingy at first, then sunk in. Just what I needed!
    Thank you MG x

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