A fantastic school play and spanking party weekend

What a fantastic weekend as Headmaster of a  school day and evening spanking party ive just hosted
A wonderfully authentic setting from the school assembly room to the dining hall to the class room to my Headmasters study simply spot on.
Many  travelled the length of the uk to attend and they all had a truly wonderful school day experience.
All the teachers had well thought out lessons planned out  and executed for all the students some 16 of them attended,  all went home learning something new and had a very sore happy bottoms.
Ive had so many requests when the next school will be  many from around the world so im  hoping for a slot late in May I will  will post about it here very soon.

3 thoughts on “A fantastic school play and spanking party weekend

  1. As one of the 16 pupils mentioned above, I can confirm that we really did have an absolutely brilliant day – it was well worth the journey down from “up north”. This was my first time at one of MG’s events and although I was pretty nervous in the run-up to it, that nervousness soon disappeared once I arrived at school. I was made to feel really welcome and included, so thank you to everyone for that. The venue was fantastic and did have an authentic school sort of feel to it, especially the Headmaster’s Study!

    I’m a relatively new player on the scene and all my limits were completely respected and I felt totally safe and comfortable (well, as comfortable as you can be when you’re sitting on a well-spanked bottom…). Thank you so much for inviting me, I can’t wait for next time 🙂

  2. This was my first school play day, I hope it wont be my last!
    I enjoyed the lessons, watching the pupils and sending them to the heads office for punishment, I also had to deal with some pupils myself,
    I was also very honored to be asked to give a Ceroc dance lesson at the end of the day.
    Thanks again for a wonderful day.


  3. It was a great day with lots of fun and spankings for all the bratty and naughty students, as a teacher it was hard to keep a straight face at some of the tricks and antics, water pistols paper planes flying about one student even did an impromptu strip after another student put something down her blouse.

    Look forward to the next one I can get to.

    Mr Fraser.

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