The Headmasters Study

Well it was a very busy weekend  with lots of new people attending the my school and although I wasn’t that busy during the day just after school closed I had many a pupil in my study for some after school discipline  all were put across my knee cheeks bared and soundly spanked and some caned   by the late evenings after party I was in full throttle and spanked the evening away on some really superb bottoms  I even had a couple attend school from Norway both very nice people and she was a Norwegian beauty with a stunning bottom to good not to spank there was also a lovesick young couple who were just dying to enter the Headmasters study together and I was only to pleased to oblige them

with my hand and cane across their lovely bottoms.

All in all a wonderful school day and evening if you would like to attend my school just drop me a line we are now Global im told.

18 thoughts on “The Headmasters Study

  1. As the naughty lovesick couple in question, we would like to say a big thanks you to the headmaster and for everyone involved in organising this event, as well as those teachers and pupils in attendance.

    As new pupils we were made to feel very welcome, and I would encourage anyone thinking of attending a future school to go ahead and do it. You won’t regret it :-).

    Be warned though…. Naughty boy or Naughty girl… Misbehaviour is dealt with in equal measure… The old fashioned way 😉

  2. I am one of the naughty schoolgirls in the pictures who had to be caned by the wonderful headmaster. Loved the event and the people are fantastic. So well organized and true to life. Wish next term would hurry up!

  3. I have since 10 wanted a school punishment. It all started when my then boyfriend and I played truant. I had never been in trouble but this day we went. We were found near school sitting on a water tank. We were caught n stood in heads office. We were both told off big time. Then Pete called forward as a strap n cane placed on table. As this not first time Pete removed trousers and bent over. The strap was picked up and 4 blows given. Then he stood. Sir said that he would have to teach him a lesson re leading me astray. He then got me to stand further back as he told Pete to drop pants. I quivered. Then as he assumed position. And received 6 of the best. He stood up. Wasn’t sure whether to rub or cover man hood and pulled pants up slowly. I was then told next time would be me. I was let off. Pete and I eventually ended but never forgot how close I came.

    1. Since that day there has been something in me to experience I want to and need to be punished. I have tried self spanking not the same.

      I am scared but there is the thrill too.

      1. In reply to UDDERLYMAD. Yes Yes Yes a caning is scary and it is thrilling too at the same time! I dread when I am going to be caned. I see the cane in the hand of the person who is going to use it on me. It is something that is truly terrifying. Now I am not joking at all when I say this. My tummy does flip flops, butterflies. Yet at the very same time I am also fascinated. My eyes are riveted to the cane, I just cannot take my eyes off it. I do know that it is going to hurt and truly it does – ow ow ow!!! Yet it is something that I want especially when the one who wants to use it on me is really as keen as mustard to do so. As far as I am concerned it should always be applied to one’s bare bottom. I truly do love the after effects of a caning. Firstly there are tramlines – a line either side of the edge of the cane where it has landed. A caning just needs to be experienced to really understand what it is all about. This coming Sunday I expect to be strapped, flogged and caned at a Play Party I will be attending. I am really looking forward to it. At the same time my tummy is starting to flip flop, butterflies as I think about the coming time. Your post UDDERLYMAD has stimulated my anticipation of Play Party. Thank you for your post. Anticipation, the actual caning and the after effects are all parts of the experience.

  4. Thank you for your reply Keith smith. All the best for Sunday. I assume this is what you say. Lol. I suppose a novice has to start somewhere. Yes I agree the sounds. I remember this vividly. Even though nearly 30 years ago. The swish. Seeing both strap and cane on table.

    1. Thank you for wishing me all the best for today (tonight). That is exactly the right thing to do, I am very excited about my upcoming beating and yes I am feeling apprehensive. That is all part of the experience. Should you be interested I could give you an account of how tonight transpires for me. Should this be your desire just reply to me.

      1. Hi there Udderlymad. Like you I am unable to attend either date this year. Unfortunately I am on the other side of the world. Well you have requested how my evening last night transpired. Here goes then. As a speaker I know says “Buckle up”. My session last night did not start off as I expected. I was expecting to start the session standing up. This did not happen. I was standing in the position I normally would when the Dom said to me “Who told you to adopt that position?”. I hurriedly scuttled over to where she was. She had me kneeling down on my hands and knees in front of her. Prior to this she had me strip down till I was only wearing a thong. A hand spanking was immediately applied to my behind. Very soon that became very hard. I cannot say what implements precisely were used on me from that point on as I was trying to avoid the pain, only when I thought that it had became too hard for me to bear. After a time I was put in the standing position which I had expected the session to commence in. Floggers and paddles were used on my upper back and bottom. Next I was bent over the arm of the couch. more beating ensured. Straps and a sjambok were added to what I experienced. After a time I was put further over the couch’s arm so my feet no longer made contact with the floor. This put my bottom straight up in the air. Canes were added to the equation. Finally after about an hour the session ended. My beating was hard. I kept continually having to be put back in the correct position. Vocalisations were common on my part frequently ohs and ahs and aws. I was moving around quite a bit as it was very hard to stay still. Riding crops were part of the equation. They were quite gentle compared with some of the other implements that were used. I thought that when I was permitted to stand that the session would be over. I did have a break. Then my Dom approached me with a strap based on the Canadian Prison Strap. I received this firstly on my thighs, both front and back. Now that really hurt. Then I was got to lie down on my stomach, flat out to receive the Prison Strap on my bottom. This was hard but much easier to bear then on thighs. I actually love the Canadian Prison Strap. All in all a great night was had. Today I have stripes and a sore bottom. Well you did ask for an account of last nights activities so it is no good you now saying that you found this account to be to graphic and hard to read. Think about how I feel. lol..

  5. Oh wow. Ty. There were cringe moments as I read it. I am on hols down under at moment. Back to UK on 26th. Just ordered outfit for when can attend the you were standing to write it.

  6. Thank you for your comments and sharing your own accounts but i now think this is drifting away from the main blog page, so please keep any further comments to responses to the actual topic posted
    Thank you

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