A Tough Cookie

Now and again there comes along  a  bottom to test your armour, a take me on if you dare kinda gal .

Well just recently on two occasions I have been tested im pleased to say and my spanking palm lived to tell the tail, and her bottom was well and truly spanked, both over my knee lay flat on the sofa kneeling up on the sofa and lastly in the diaper position  lay on her back legs over her head I also used my old army belt and new Prison strap to add to the sting in her cheeks.

Finally I was told by her Husband she was due 24 with the cane and had the opportunity to give her four myself to finish off the session  and gladly I  obliged them  with four stingers from my Dragon cane .

A very nice couple a  fabulous session with many more to come in the future I hope  a tough cookie but very tasty ————-

3 thoughts on “A Tough Cookie

  1. Hi there. I have experienced both the cane and a few Sundays ago the prison strap. I absolutely loved the prison strap. It has to be applied hard otherwise ir does not work.

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