In the mind of a spanking artist

Hello everyone .

From time to time i like to feature work that i see when browsing the net and i recently came across this very original and and quite graffic potential artist who draws fantasy images that appear in her mind often as she is pondering a pending discipline session.

Her style is very raw almost unfinished but you are drawn into her world  and you want to partake in the scenario .

What follows are her own words describing herself and what drives her to draw such images.

I have included several of her drawings and would appreciate your feedback/comments.

The feature color photo is of the lovely body of the artist herself .

In her own words.

I’m a young, petite, female spanko, living in Gauteng
South Africa.
I like giving and receiving hard spankings, and I’m fascinated with pictures and drawings that show severe punishment by someone in a position of authority,
like teachers, parents or nuns.

I draw spanking pictures on rare occasions. I usually draw whatever is on my mind, when I’m fantasizing about a particular scenario,
or when I am going to be spanked soon, it builds up the excitement for me. I also enjoy drawing other people’s fantasies, and I love it when
I get requests for drawings.

I love looking at spanking art, because it gives me the opportunity to imagine my own scenario, as opposed to a picture or video where the scene
is already set. I like to leave my own drawings open-ended, and only subtly hint at a scene, so that the viewer can use his or her imagination.
I play on both ends, and my drawings show that. I like showing marks that are quite severe, because that is how I like to receive and give a spanking.
I always hope that people looking at my drawings are as excited about them as I am when I’m drawing them.

I love giving and receiving the Bamboo Bath Brush, it’s my “default” setting, and I’ve broken many, so I keep having to replenish my stock
It hurts like hell, it is heavy so the impact is deep, and it stings!! I prefer heavier wooden paddles and I adore thick canes.
I don’t like light, stingy implements at all. I have a fondness for a cane that was supposed to be used by blind folk,
given to me as a gift, I’ve had bottoms refer to it as “the broomstick”. My tastes giving and receiving are the same.

I love being told what to do, like keeping still for a certain amount of strokes, and being bossed around. I like being told to undress myself,
and being told what position to get into. When I’m the spanker I enjoy doing the same. My ultimate fantasy is a school punishment, and although
I don’t enjoy role play, I enjoy fantasizing about spankings being given to me by someone in a position of authority (like a nun, a parent figure,
a teacher, a male nurse, a warden, etc).

I don’t have a preference when it comes to gender. I am more delicate when it comes to spanking women, and the plays are usually sensual,
whereas with a man I like a more rough setting. Men and women are completely different, and I find both genders very exciting to play with, in different ways.

I have always lamented the fact that corporal punishment in school was banned before my time. I think that is why I am so fascinated with art
that depicts school punishment. I love hearing stories about other people’s school experiences. I often wonder how it would have influenced
my kinky preferences, and like to fantasize about that.

Kind regards,




The Secretary a Role Play

What follows is a Role Play but real punishment.

The position of a senior PA or secretary  is one of trust so when you find out she has been putting her hand in the expenses box to purchase new lingerie and stockings for a meeting with a new man from an adult dating site  the time has come to step in and put a stop to it a some heat in her hindquarters.

A trap was set with the help of the firms accountant and she was caught red handed and was very soon to become red bottomed for her dishonesty.

With the threat of dismissal and legal proceedings she was give the alternative option  of a humiliating punishment spanking bare bottom to include a strapping and the cane  she chose the punishment. after several minutes  of corner time i put her over my knee and gave her several hard slaps across her tight short black skirt before raising it to display a cute little bottom with red cheeks  covered by plain black knickers   so i applied more of the same hard and fast stinging slaps all helping to improve the color of her bare cheeks.

After a good spanking i stood her up removed her knickers  pulled out a  chair and hand her kneel on it over the table  and picked up my strap and began to tan her bottom  at this point the accountant walked in so i invited him to join me in punishing her bottom he chose a two tail tawse  and the lastly we both caned her .

After her punishment all was forgiven and she returned to her .desk  sitting and fidgeting in her  seat all day .


Naughty Manchester Niece Part 1

A few years ago when I lived in Manchester my home town  I struck  up a relationship  with a sub female who although being a grown woman with  a family  was very slim and slight in build with the most beautiful bottom, and when dressed in her uniform or Alice in wonderland nightie looked many years younger , and to my good fortune she loved to be spanked  big smile.

Her first session with me was a very light hand spanking over my knee that lasted quite a while as I was enjoying myself immensely, she had on a white blouse and black skirt  later changing into a second outfit  of a  short frilly rah rah dress  that stuck out and when she bent over the view was amassing . later she changed into her Alice nightie for a further session over my knee and a few light strokes of the junior cane . the age play became very natural between us as she took on the role of my naughty niece something she enjoyed very much, ive included  some shots taken at her first session  comment as always are very welcome.


Time for a change

Hello everyone and thanks for continuing to read my Blogs  I hope you are enjoying them .

I recently split with my long term submissive of 10 years who has featured in several of my pages, but people change  and sometimes we have to accept  that things just dont work anymore and we have to move on and try something different .

For some time now I have been wanting to change my lifestyle in some ways as I no longer feel like the person i was when i first entered this wonderful scene, as im now getting older I now feel more of a Daddy Dom  and want to explore the age play side of the scene  which you may have gathered from a recent blog regarding a naughty niece .

I look forward to still sharing with all my followers worldwide and there will still be a lot of spankings just slightly in a different setting