Naughty Manchester Niece Part 1

A few years ago when I lived in Manchester my home town  I struck  up a relationship  with a sub female who although being a grown woman with  a family  was very slim and slight in build with the most beautiful bottom, and when dressed in her uniform or Alice in wonderland nightie looked many years younger , and to my good fortune she loved to be spanked  big smile.

Her first session with me was a very light hand spanking over my knee that lasted quite a while as I was enjoying myself immensely, she had on a white blouse and black skirt  later changing into a second outfit  of a  short frilly rah rah dress  that stuck out and when she bent over the view was amassing . later she changed into her Alice nightie for a further session over my knee and a few light strokes of the junior cane . the age play became very natural between us as she took on the role of my naughty niece something she enjoyed very much, ive included  some shots taken at her first session  comment as always are very welcome.


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