The Secretary a Role Play

What follows is a Role Play but real punishment.

The position of a senior PA or secretary  is one of trust so when you find out she has been putting her hand in the expenses box to purchase new lingerie and stockings for a meeting with a new man from an adult dating site  the time has come to step in and put a stop to it a some heat in her hindquarters.

A trap was set with the help of the firms accountant and she was caught red handed and was very soon to become red bottomed for her dishonesty.

With the threat of dismissal and legal proceedings she was give the alternative option  of a humiliating punishment spanking bare bottom to include a strapping and the cane  she chose the punishment. after several minutes  of corner time i put her over my knee and gave her several hard slaps across her tight short black skirt before raising it to display a cute little bottom with red cheeks  covered by plain black knickers   so i applied more of the same hard and fast stinging slaps all helping to improve the color of her bare cheeks.

After a good spanking i stood her up removed her knickers  pulled out a  chair and hand her kneel on it over the table  and picked up my strap and began to tan her bottom  at this point the accountant walked in so i invited him to join me in punishing her bottom he chose a two tail tawse  and the lastly we both caned her .

After her punishment all was forgiven and she returned to her .desk  sitting and fidgeting in her  seat all day .


4 thoughts on “The Secretary a Role Play

  1. I do like the sound of that scenario. It would be so embarrassing if someone walked in when you were in that position. That double cane looks really evil too.

  2. How beautiful are those photo’s of a naughty secretary being spanked on her bare bottom. With her knickers taken down, and just wearing suspender-belt and stockings, this woman show’s us her naked derriere to the the fullest. In my opinion the cane, should be used on her voluptuous naked derriere. For her “Ooohs’s”, and “Ouch’s”, coming from her lips, would be music to my ears.

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