My new girl

Hello as you may have read in recent blogs ive posted I have had a change in direction and have been seeking a Daddy daughter more domestic style of relationship as opposed to the Master sub relationship ive had for the last 10 years that ended a few months ago.

Well im very pleased to inform you all that i have now found what ive been seeking and im a very happy  man and have a wonderful girl who has a lovely figure and cute spankable bottom i shall be sharing with you.

She is still very new to this whole scene but has taken to it very quickly and although she tells me she does not exactly enjoy having a spanking  she loves the afterglow in her hot cheeks .

I have spanked her several times recently and im building her levels up a bit at a time mostly fun spankings but with the od discipline ones in between, but as she prefers to be a good girl for her Daddy  she will; try to avoid the discipline ones if possible .

Im sure she will be commenting on this blog and have something to say but will be careful not to get herself into deeper trouble to avoid the belt strap slipper or cane.

I hope you enjoy the images and whish me well in my new relationship

Thank you



4 thoughts on “My new girl

  1. Beautiful pics MG. I’m happy for you that you’ve found someone new, she is lovely and I’m sure will keep you busy. Looking forward to our next meeting x

  2. Congrats on finding someone new who seems to enjoy her new Daddy. Hope it is a long and joyous journey 🙂 Love the pictures

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