Hairbrush at bedtime

Well my girl is still making the same mistakes and also breaking rules , she should know better as we’re now coming up to our first year together .

As she has persistently misbehaved I had no other choice than to spank her with the ebony hairbrush something she is not a lover of  but certainly tries harder to avoid  in future.

Since her spanking she has behaved much better but as we all know this won’t last for very long

8 thoughts on “Hairbrush at bedtime

  1. My naughty one recently got a a serious otk spanking with the wood hairbrush her good behavior lasted a day! told her she is due a legs up spanking she hates this! will let y know how effective this is!!!

      1. Spanking bare bottom with legs up is very embarrassing because all private parts are on show,
        I normally spank this way with bare hand bare bottom followed with my thick army belt or strap.

  2. Re above the recent spanking re above was yesterday! Her bottom is still red she has been sitting on a cushion so far today ps decided I need to be stricter! She is learning slowly??!

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