A Castle weekend in Dublin

Just recently one of my followers noticed an image of mine on another site and suggested i create a blog page all about the story behind the images  so here we go.

A few years ago i attended a spanking party held in a castle in a remote part of Dublin in Ireland .

It was the perfect spot for us to be private as the organizer had booked out the entire castle  for the party  so no none scene guests could book in .

It was a good time to be alone with my submissive  and of course there was a lot of spanking  to be handed out as she is always in need to of control and discipline .

As you can see from the images it was a wonderful setting  very romantic and  a fabulous backdrop for my photography .

I hope you enjoy reading this page and viewing the images.

In April of this year 2016 we are heading to Scotland with several other friends for a very private party in a Scottish Castle, im sure I will be adding a new page of images at some point in the future.