Naughty Book Day

Hello again

As mentioned in recent blogs I am now in an adult Daddy Daughter relationship and very happy as we have both settled into our roles very well and it feels very natural to us both . As with every Ds relationship there has to be rules and when those rules are broken there has to be punishment  and so There is The Naughty book.

She was dressed as instructed in her other school uniform/kilt skirt blouse socks shoes and knickers and waiting for me in our newly set up Daddies/Headmasters office.

On reviewing her book  the entries included staying up past her bedtime and when instructed to go to bed not doing so  plus arguing.

Having discussed all entries with her it was time for action so i put her over my knee lifted her kilt skirt  to reveal her lovely bottom cheeks split by the white thong of her school knickers they leave little to the imagination  and  enhance the view  by  a multitude  amount.

I began spanking both cheeks firmly but not to hard as i like to build a spanking slowly and end it with  blistering  fast smacks to alternate cheeks leaving her with a stinging burning red hot bottom.

Once i was happy with my efforts i stood her up facing the wall and gave her a few moments to compose herself.  whilst moving my chair into a new position ready for the next stage of her punishment, I then instructed her to kneel on the chair and lean forward over the desk which she did,  I took up my old thick leather British army belt and gave her 6 across both cheeks which she took surprisingly very well  followed by a further six  and the a extra 3 just to get the message home.

Once her punishment was over i placed her on my knee for cuddles and she promised to be a good girl , we shall see how long before she is once again righting in her Naughty Book . watch this space.



Naughty Manchester Niece Part 1

A few years ago when I lived in Manchester my home town  I struck  up a relationship  with a sub female who although being a grown woman with  a family  was very slim and slight in build with the most beautiful bottom, and when dressed in her uniform or Alice in wonderland nightie looked many years younger , and to my good fortune she loved to be spanked  big smile.

Her first session with me was a very light hand spanking over my knee that lasted quite a while as I was enjoying myself immensely, she had on a white blouse and black skirt  later changing into a second outfit  of a  short frilly rah rah dress  that stuck out and when she bent over the view was amassing . later she changed into her Alice nightie for a further session over my knee and a few light strokes of the junior cane . the age play became very natural between us as she took on the role of my naughty niece something she enjoyed very much, ive included  some shots taken at her first session  comment as always are very welcome.


My naughty Adult German niece

Im very lucky to have a new relationship that started off as friendship which evolved into Mentor ship then Top bottom and now so naturally into a continues  role play  Uncle/adult Niece age play .

She can be a very naughty girl who needs and desires strict discipline on a regular basis..

We do not have an age level as she is a grown woman in 28  but looks very young in her uniform  and its not about playing a younger age as thats an area i dont enter into and we dont need it to have any effect on our relationship, and I will add this is not sexual in any way its purely discipline .

Lsst weekend she had been very naughty and had been conversing with me on line e mail pretending to be someone we both know very well and at first she fooled me until she gave a few clues away and then I knew she was playing games with me.

I summoned her to my home to discuss this and she still tried to deny it and using her cute expressions to worm her way out of it, but  it didnt work and you all know what naughty girls get from me ?

Correct a good long hard bare bottom spanking   and what a delightful bottom she has to spank.

First over my knee by hand then made to right lines then back over my knee for the slipper then more lines then kneeling on the bed for the yardstick/old school ruler then more lines until eventually it was time for the cane lay on the bed over some stacked pillow’s .

Traditional domestic discipline for a very naughty girl then more time in the corner ending with a big hug on uncles knee and forgiveness.

The story continues——–