Spanking the adult male

Although my first preference will always be to spank a nice female bottom, as a Dominant I feel I should always be an equal opportunities spanker and therefore I will occasionally   accept selective males to discipline. I say selective because I get so many requests from males wanting all sorts of discipline and some include areas im not interested in  or prepared to go to. For me spanking a male be it in a role play ie Headmaster student  or a domestic theme is all about control  and nothing more, im not gay or bi sexual I just love the control it gives me. Many men have contacted me saying they want a really good hard spanking over the knee bare bottom hand slipper belt even the cane but in fact very few have been able to take a hard hand spanking from me and a few have even cried  and .been able to take a slippering without wriggling about and crying like a baby. There are also those who like to  regress to their school days and visit the Headmasters study for 6 of the best in full school uniform, I have often included  a female student in this scenario as extra humiliation for the offending adult boy. Here are some images taken of some of my adult male discipline sessions. Dover2b Dover4b Dover7 Hackett2b6 slipper3 slipper2 Waxing strapped two against wall DSC_0004 DSC_0012DSC_0017