Another school day comes to a close

The Headmaster

Well sat Sept 3rd saw yet another term at St-Redbottoms school which quietly nestles in rural Norfolk at The Old Convent, build around 1570 it was originally a home for wayward nuns  and a place where wayward students learn what their =bottoms are for.

This term saw pupils attending from all over the UK including Scotland and wales and even an exchange student from far away  Florida.

Classes included History Biology Art Geography and Sociology.

Although behavior during classes.was quite good there were many who where sent to my study and of course i administered discipline of various kinds including hand spanking otk the leather Janus Paddle and of course for the badly behaved the cane.

We will return on Dec 17th for the last term of 2016 .

As you  can see i did my  best to uphold the standards of the school  at St-Redbottoms

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A fantastic school play and spanking party weekend

What a fantastic weekend as Headmaster of a  school day and evening spanking party ive just hosted
A wonderfully authentic setting from the school assembly room to the dining hall to the class room to my Headmasters study simply spot on.
Many  travelled the length of the uk to attend and they all had a truly wonderful school day experience.
All the teachers had well thought out lessons planned out  and executed for all the students some 16 of them attended,  all went home learning something new and had a very sore happy bottoms.
Ive had so many requests when the next school will be  many from around the world so im  hoping for a slot late in May I will  will post about it here very soon.

Back to school

Hello everyone.

Last weekend was my adult school day again here in Norfolk UK.

It was a very busy day for discipline as there were many unruly students and behaviour levels were not great.

All Teachers handed out firm but fair discipline and spankings were  the order of the day.

Below are a few images taken of me spanking during the day .

IMG_0768_edited IMG_0789_edited IMG_0766_edited IMG_0770_edited IMG_0784_edited IMG_0778_edited

Below are images of my detention class

IMG_0810_edited IMG_0807_edited IMG_0813_edited IMG_0817_edited IMG_0836_edited IMG_0820_edited

Manchester School party Part Two

Well after a long journey from Norfolk to Manchester I finally arrived at Piccadilly and was met by my friend and fellow spanker  Man_in_a_Suit .We made our way to the party venue  and were met by Rossi who was hosting the school party. Once inside and changed into my Headmaster’s attire the school began with quite a hotch potch  of students some in a sort of uniform some just normal day cloths certainly not up to the standard uniform requirements of Thrashwell. I counted  2 cd  3 schools boys and a stand in head girl not in uniform, unfortunately due to some drop outs due to various circumstances the female students had dwindled down three but what a three they were and certainly made the party go with spanking  gusto. The Headmaster Mr Rossi  started with geography class followed by other teachers various lessons , of course the spanking soon began and the  bottom’s became warm red and glowing , my thanks to Tearaway9 who took a very intense strapping and caning and im sure would have been there all  evening had it have been possible.

Tearaway9 c

To nortybotty who’s bottom lived up to its name and was well and truly spanked by myself and the other teacher’s,


and to newbie girl Rhiannon66 who had such a cute little peach of a bottom it seemed a shame to spank it,  but these things have to be done and some of us have to do it.

All in all a very enjoyable party some very nice people good venue and well worth the long journey. Im not sure when I may return but would recommend  future parties to anyone who can attend.

norty Terraway

School party weekend

Well im returning to my roots tomorrow sat 27 4 2013  for the first time in two years and will be attending a school party organized by a very long time friend. Im hoping to assist the other teaching staff to instill some discipline although im sure this will be a thankless task  as usual, but standards must be maintained and im sure there will be some very red and very sore bottoms by the time school closes at 6pm tomorrow evening. My normal position in school is that of Headmaster but in this case I shall be standing down and just assisting but plan to be very pro active and keep my palm warm on some naughty Tearaway adult girls and boys. I shall also have my camera with me and hope to have some new photographs for my readers very soon but in the meantime hear are some images taken at  my junior school event not so long ago when as Headmaster I can be seen administering my usual form of discipline.



pixie cane

for psyce

Thrashwell weekend

Last weekend I held my first new school event in Norfolk UK called Thrashwell.

thrash 2013 copy

We had 15 adult students and  12 teachers  and myself as Headmaster.
A full day of classes was held  with many naughty students visiting my study for punishments

head teddy
We had people attend from Spain the Netherlands  Dublin and all over the UK and due to the wonderful feedback we have had we are now considering a summer school over two shorter days   longer classes with less teachers .  we also held a school prom and my mentee pixie made a wonderful school cake for the occasion.

Thrash cake
If you are interested in attending the next school please message me direct