Girl on Girl spanking DVD review

Well first let me say girl spanks girl is not my favourite subject so im probably not the best person to comment on this DVD by strictly English, but  I decided id have a look and well what an interesting selection there is to choose from.

On loan to review the second spanking DVD from the Private shop Kings Lynn.

.This DVD is a collection of over an hour of  5 short films, some remastered and some un released spanking action including,  part one The German au pair girl,  part 2 Hot and sultry, part 3 Heads or Tails part 4 Temperature rising,  part 5  Kate and Lisa.

Of these 5 films  for me without a doubt part 4 Temperature Rising is by far the best,  a nurse with the most sexiest cutest spankable bottom ive seen in ages lies face down uniform pulled up and knickers pulled down bottom in the air rising and falling  and putting on a show that hard me hard within the first few seconds of watching it in motion, until her equally sexy very dominant matron arrives  and delivers a loud hard and thorough hand and hairbrush spanking to that delicious pair of bare cheeks  really horny stuff and well worth the price tag to get that one film a spankers dream  and one ill remember over and over for a long time.

DSC_0305 DSC_0307

My way or the Highway ( A new spanking DVD review)

Hello to all my spanking film lovers out there.

This morning I had the pleasure of viewing the first  a new range  of spanking DVDs on behalf of the Private shop kings Lynn

A film by Strictly English My Way or the Highway

I enjoyed this DVD very much something I find hard to say as many in the past I have purchased from sex/adult stores ive found to be very pattacake  badly acted and didn’t hit the mark (excuse the pun) for me having been in the spanking scene a long time.

The story line is quite predictable as you know what’s going to happen, a rather posh lodger Gillian tries to pull the wool over her old Landlords eyes by trying to avoid housework, then after borrowing his car arriving home late at night drunk leaving a dent in the wing, but her Landlord is no push over and has eyes on her cute little bum and intends to spank it good and proper.

A very authentic corporal punishment film  a very cute spankable arse that she loves showing off, lots of good firm hard bare bottom spanking, slipper sole, table tennis bat, and a very good caning.

A very good film to watch nice close ups lots of Gillian stretching bending over and nice following her up the stairs shot up skirt rubbing her cute bum.

Definitely recommend this onto my readers and the spanking community  enjoy folks

The private shop Kings Lynn East Anglia stocks this DVD and give good discounts when purchasing a few at a time.

Janus Encore

Hello again
My very good friends at Janus worldwide have given me permission to review there latest magazine Encore st.winifreds Special. how many remember The Head Girls Lesson ?
Well this will take me some time as it will include stills from the magazine but I just wanted to let you know what im working on will be posting this very soon.

Janus film review no 3

Back in the 80s  you could enter the wonderful world of  the Janus shop   in Old Compton street London  and go into one of the video booths and view films like  Mummy Daddy and Daughter Naughty Jan  an excellent Age play film of its time  and  a Janus classic of Domestic Discipline.

Mummy, Daddy and Daughter (Naughty Jan)

Caught red handed and soon to be red bottomed  with a packet of  cigarettes and wearing her  mothers nail varnish  both parents attempt  to spank  her for her bad behavior but decide a better way to deal with her is a good caning  so daughter Jan ends up bent over a stool bare bottomed in just her vest. a must for all who love this type of spanking scenario Running for 20 minuets this film is  now available on download from the Janus Worldwide website

The  female playing the part of Jan is the same  girl  from Hot Seat who was doing the spanking so she obviously enjoyed a spanking herself.

A great film and one I very much enjoyed viewing im sure you will also

Christy_Cutie film review

22F babygirl and pro spanking Model from Los Angeles, California,
And what a cutie she is delectable desirable and very spankable.
This is my first review of a Christy film and its obvious she is a born spanko with a peach of a bottom just dying to be spanked and caned.
The Punishment Ritual- is a no nonsense hard caning film lets get this clear with a Victorian feel about it. Christy the errant Daughter is summoned to her fathers study friday after school for him to review her behavior during the week at home and at school. when instructed to she climes onto the punishment bench and her wrists are fastened to secure her, her bloomers are pulled apart to reveal her delectable rear naked for all to see and admire, what follows is quite simply a cold hard caning that is thorough and real discipline.
Excellently filmed by ATPS Studios a caners film for cane lovers. and part of a series of films with Christy Cutie

Janus Review No 2 Hot Seat

Well im very happy to be reviewing my second Janus film  a personal favorite of mine.

Hot Seat is a film from the bygone age of cine ,well I can remember being sat in the booth in the Janus shop flooding coins into the  tv hoping I wouldn’t run out before the Knickers up knickers down bit you cant miss that bit its a spanker’s dream.


The Story Female keeps missing appointments with her female Probation officer and is given the choice of possibly going back to Prison or accepting a punishment from her officer, fortunately for us she chooses the later and is promptly put over the officers lap.

What follows is a crescendo of slaps from a female who knows how to spank a girls bottom but this is only the warm up and the best bit is about to bounce on to your screen when the officer produces a cane and instructs the female to begin  a knickers up knickers down routine of absolute pleasure to view.

I highly rate this now dated looking film to any true  spanker’s a real classic of its time available on download at Janus Worldwide

Janus film review No 1

Im very proud to now be reviewing some films on behalf of Janus.

This a labor of love of a magazine that first introduced me into this wonderful thing I do. so forgive me if I relish in the moment. I shall be reviewing 3 films  in the first instance from the good old days of queuing up in the Janus shop to enter the viewing booth coins at the ready and I was never left wanting just always short of coins at the most exciting part.


Film no 1 is  Punishment for Penny
A  very old film that has seen better years as is stated on the website, but the content is of the best of its kind for the true Domestic Discipline enthusiast . naughty schoolgirl meets uncle with intent of sore  bottom ahead, plenty of otk spanking wriggling attempts to resist punishment and some very revealing angle shots from the camera man god bless him. when spanking is not enough to tame this naughty girl who has been skipping school out seeing boys and up to all sorts of mischief  Uncle decides to get his cane out  and remind Penny what her bottom is for, and what a cute bottom it is

You can find Punishment for Penny at the Janus Worldwide website


one of my favorite Janus films ever, a pleasure to review.

Punishment book Shadow Lane Review

Well this is my second review on behalf  of a Shadow Lane  of their DVD Punishment Book  and what a surprise i got. The resemblance between the couples relationship and my own with my submissive but particularly with my Mentree in looks and expressions are so similar as  to be mirror imaged . Lizzy Madison and David Pearl are in a real life domestic discipline relationship, they attended a Shadow Lane party  and discussed there Relationship and the results of this first meeting developed into the dvd Punishment Book. Filmed over 3 sessions Lizzy cant seem to help getting into Davids bad books which results in a a bare bottom spanking over his knee over a chair and whilst sat on a chaise-long  and what a bottom this girl has, slim long legs  pouting lips everything David could wish for  and what a naughty girl  forgetting to pays bills and post letters on time going out with friends and getting drunk and calling people names her Punishment or Naughty book as we call it is always full.


If you love real life relationships based on spanking then this is one video not to miss
catch up with it at

Smarty Pants (Shadow Lane)

Smarty Pants  a new video from Shadow Lane.

Well from the offset its clear this little domestic scene is about a right little attention seeking madam intent on getting her ass well and truly tanned and  she will stop at nothing to get her dues.

Dia Zerva has one very spankable bottom and knows it,  and when bending over to get something out of the refrigerator she gives us all a glimpse of what will soon be bared and getting a good long hard spanking from  Keith Jones.


Well they say patience maketh the man and if that is true then Keith is a man amongst men as he gives Dia a long leash to wind him up, for gods sake this guy is trying to get on with business and this minx is making as much noise as she can and ignoring his numerous requests to be quite and let him work. what a little madam.

Eventually Keith snaps and we are witness to not only a great spanking scene  but to a good dose of the strap applied to the wonderfully bare bottom on Dia Zerva one female who has shot to the top of my spanking bucket list.

Although this was my first video review for Shadow Lane it certainly wont be my last,  as one who is used to viewing now only HD BLU RAY on a 54inch Flat-screen 3D HD tv im quite picky about quality of image  and this film is of the highest example of quality spanking films go to my link for Shadow lane in Recommended Spanking sites and seek out Smarty Pants and enjoy