A spanking in time

Quite recently I added a new element to the discipline regime with my mentee  spanking to a sand egg timer . For times when she has been particularly badly behaved  and needs sterner punishment I put her over my knee bottom bared  set the sand timer  and begin spanking just my hand at first but sometimes I use my leather slapper if I need to get the message home  a little more effectively.
Pixie spanking timeTime waits for no man time goes to  fast but a spanking to a sand timee can seem to go on  for ages  or so im told.

Mentoring, A Journey

I have for sometime  now been Mentoring a new couple to the Spanking fetish and bdsm scene and helping them find their way and to adjust to a new Ds relationship and lifestyle.Initially the male was more unassertive and the female a rather cheeky brat full of  attitude and wanting her own way when really deep inside that is not what she wanted, and to be honest he just let her get away with it because he loved, her Big mistake.

pixie Discipline5

Over the last few  months I have worked with them helping to reverse the roles and we have made giant leaps forward but it has require on my part with his and her consent regular weekly discipline sessions and a lot of smacked bottoms for her but we are now at a new stage in her Training and im pleased to say she is responding very well