In the mind of a spanking artist

Hello everyone .

From time to time i like to feature work that i see when browsing the net and i recently came across this very original and and quite graffic potential artist who draws fantasy images that appear in her mind often as she is pondering a pending discipline session.

Her style is very raw almost unfinished but you are drawn into her world  and you want to partake in the scenario .

What follows are her own words describing herself and what drives her to draw such images.

I have included several of her drawings and would appreciate your feedback/comments.

The feature color photo is of the lovely body of the artist herself .

In her own words.

I’m a young, petite, female spanko, living in Gauteng
South Africa.
I like giving and receiving hard spankings, and I’m fascinated with pictures and drawings that show severe punishment by someone in a position of authority,
like teachers, parents or nuns.

I draw spanking pictures on rare occasions. I usually draw whatever is on my mind, when I’m fantasizing about a particular scenario,
or when I am going to be spanked soon, it builds up the excitement for me. I also enjoy drawing other people’s fantasies, and I love it when
I get requests for drawings.

I love looking at spanking art, because it gives me the opportunity to imagine my own scenario, as opposed to a picture or video where the scene
is already set. I like to leave my own drawings open-ended, and only subtly hint at a scene, so that the viewer can use his or her imagination.
I play on both ends, and my drawings show that. I like showing marks that are quite severe, because that is how I like to receive and give a spanking.
I always hope that people looking at my drawings are as excited about them as I am when I’m drawing them.

I love giving and receiving the Bamboo Bath Brush, it’s my “default” setting, and I’ve broken many, so I keep having to replenish my stock
It hurts like hell, it is heavy so the impact is deep, and it stings!! I prefer heavier wooden paddles and I adore thick canes.
I don’t like light, stingy implements at all. I have a fondness for a cane that was supposed to be used by blind folk,
given to me as a gift, I’ve had bottoms refer to it as “the broomstick”. My tastes giving and receiving are the same.

I love being told what to do, like keeping still for a certain amount of strokes, and being bossed around. I like being told to undress myself,
and being told what position to get into. When I’m the spanker I enjoy doing the same. My ultimate fantasy is a school punishment, and although
I don’t enjoy role play, I enjoy fantasizing about spankings being given to me by someone in a position of authority (like a nun, a parent figure,
a teacher, a male nurse, a warden, etc).

I don’t have a preference when it comes to gender. I am more delicate when it comes to spanking women, and the plays are usually sensual,
whereas with a man I like a more rough setting. Men and women are completely different, and I find both genders very exciting to play with, in different ways.

I have always lamented the fact that corporal punishment in school was banned before my time. I think that is why I am so fascinated with art
that depicts school punishment. I love hearing stories about other people’s school experiences. I often wonder how it would have influenced
my kinky preferences, and like to fantasize about that.

Kind regards,