My Worldwide Testimonials

I have always believed that what people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself .Having managed several businesses and then started two of my own which ran for many years im well aware of the need to treat people with respect offer exceptional service keep your word keep to times and never let anyone down. I know its old fashioned but I truly believe that a lot of these qualities are unfortunately disappearing in todays lifestyle and in general. Some people just do not have the manors they were born with and can be so ignorant when in correspondence.

Reputations are hard earnt and can be easily damaged and this is so important when it comes to meeting new people nervously entering the scene and looking for a play partner Disciplinarian etc, in particular for a female to allow a strange male to put them over his knee for what is a very intimate act of spanking can be terrifying to some so recommendations can be so helpful .
Im fortunate to hold many testimonials written for me and have decided to add them here so anyone reading my blogs can feel secure in contacting me for a possible future meeting leading to a session.
Thank you to all who have added these Testimonials. anyone who wishes to add their own please feel free to add as a comment.


I want to tell you a few things about my friend MG, I have know him now for years, I have found him to be a friendly man in the extreme, he has a no nonsense sense about him, yet is fun loving and kind, I got to meet and spend some time with MG and company, and I must say those memories are as fresh today as they were then, fun times, interesting times, times you wont forget, if you really wish to meet someone that is as passionate and true to the subject at hand I would recommend that you make the effort to make a friend of a man I know , one of the best men I know, MG,


Bob,  New Jersey, USA.


MG has been my mentor and a really good friend for almost a year. I’ve learned a lot from him. He’s always been eager to offer advice and help, as well as share his experience. He’s very understanding and tactful which is of great importance especially when you’re new to the scene.


Dorota  from Poland


What can one say about MG? First I would say that this man gave me a tremendous confidence before school. he with his long experience asked a few questions for me about what I like, and from there it was as if he knew me. incredibly good with people, especially in such a strange situation as a spanking school. All participants of the school were wonderful with me, and I felt included from the first second. I can really recommend the school and approach to MG. If in doubt, mark my words, you will love it;)


Peder from Norway


“MG  was one of the first people we met in the scene. Always respectful, friendly, fun and the perfect gentleman!”


bambi,  Germany/UK   xxxxxx


Had the pleasure of meeting MG, and playing with him twice, during a recent trip to England to visit my friends. I had a lovely time with him both as a person and a play partner. I felt very comfortable with him, and got myself a nicely smacked bottom.


NYIrishred   Olando, Florida   USA


The only way I can describe my experience with MG is absolutely fabulous. I felt completely safe and secure from the first moment. He respects limits and goes out of his way to make certain that you enjoy the experience. Strict… Sane… Friendly… and Fun. Trust is something I do not take lightly… but I do trust MG completely. Wonderful hand technique!!!
An absolutely fabulous experience..


hemisphere_dancer  Dubai United Arab Eremites 


While visiting my Dom in England we spent a wonderful afternoon playing with MG . It was an all around fun and a good experience! Great warm up, good hand, paddle and belt spanking. Nice caning as well.


Stella  Blue   Tampa Florida USA


I have traveled to the UK twice from Canada to attend MG’s parties,Like any girl I love to dress up (sexy of course), role-play, and experience a hot bottom from all the males.

I can’t say enough of the owner of the Blog when it comes to putting on fun filled themed spanking parties.I wouldn’t travel this distance, if it wasn’t for the lovely dear friendships

I have made with everyone who belongs to this site the fun is too hard to turn down. I do plan on attending more in the future; they are quite addicting and such a fun-filled relaxing red bottom spanking time.


Naughtynature, Quebec Canada


Having met and played with MG  at the world spanking party in Spain I was delighted to hear that he organises school events. This had been a life long fantasy of mine and I couldn’t wait to attend. The event was so well run. It brought me straight back to my own schooldays. And you know what they say “schooldays are the happiest days of your life” 🙂 Well this turned out to be an event that I would never forget. MG had his own private headmaster office and I found myself purposely misbehaving just to be send there. I love his collection of implements which he uses so expertly. His years of experience really shows. I am forever grateful to him for allowing me to be part of this wonderful event. I also had the pleasure of playing with him at a spanking party in Birmingham. More happy memories. Thanks MG 🙂


Soniva   Dublin, Ireland


I  met MG around 18 months ago at a spanking party, the first spanking party my husband and I attended. I’ve since met MG several times since then at parties and schooldays that he has organised. He has spanked me on each of these occasions and always takes the time to make me feel at ease and comfortable, warming me up nicely before giving me the harder spanking that I like.

Anyone thinking of approaching MG but maybe feeling a bit nervous I would say to go for it. You’ll find he is a lovely caring spanker who will do his best to give you what you need. My husband and I stay in Scotland so it’s quite a bit to travel to attend the schooldays and parties but find its worth the time.


Lillas_slave  Fife Scotland


I was fortunate enough to come across MG  on fetlife and was explaining to him my complicated situation as a woman married to a vanilla husband who has tried to help me with my kinks but does not find them a turn on at all. As I was a then unattached sub and he had some experience he could offer in my situation he offered to mentor me. I’m glad I accepted his offer. He was calm and wise and offered to speak to my husband if he had questions and wanted to understand the situation from someone else. Over and above that, when I was dealing with a difficult and potentially abusive situation, MG was wise and helped me to steer a sensible course. Without him I would have made a much bigger mess of the situation than I did. MG Spanks is discreet, courteous and helpful. He gave me the support and guidance I needed with an authority that was never overbearing or bullying. When I did find a Dom who has since become my Master, he discreetly stepped back and wished me well in my new relationship. What I can say is that throughout my connections with MGSpanks he has been polite courteous and fun with everyone he is in contact with. He genuinely cares about the people he takes an interest in and always treats them with the utmost respect and consideration. He is a friend first and foremost. I am happy to be contacted via my fetlife account – deeennkay should you wish to ask any further questions.


Dee, West Yorkshire.


I’ll admit to being nervous about the first encounter with  MG – not least because this was my first real encounter ever outside of my own bedroom with my beloved other half! But I have nothing but good memories of the experience, which was enjoyable enough to be repeated, and the first of many more I hope! M G managed to get the right blend of a strict, authoritarian air (just right for the setting!) with enough warmth, friendliness (and the odd rakish wink) to put my and my boyfriend at ease. M G was firm enough to be authentic and give you that tantalising sense of being in trouble, and definitely firm of hand, whilst also keeping a fun, exciting, safe atmosphere. We were treated with total respect, no boundaries were crossed, many boxes were ticked and the spankings were delivered just right! It was just what we had hoped, and we left (to our delight) with matching striped bottoms, matching grins, matching fond memories, and every intention of coming back for more.” –

Kitty,  British/England.


Sirdicksslaves’ Master (Master Richard) has kindly leant ‘it’ out to MG on many occasions and ‘it’ has also attended many of His school events, which are very professionally organized and great great fun.

‘it’ personally recommends MG on all aspects, He is firm, fair, fun and always ensures that the slut/sub/slave has all ‘its’ needs met. He always respects limits and is quite an expert with his floggers and canes, but also has a very wide range of toys which satisfies many subs needs.
If you get an opportunity to play or visit MG, it really recommends that you don’t pass the opportunity by, if you are nervous, then just chat to him, He is a great listener and will soon reassure you and put you at ease.


sirdicksslave  Cambridgshire, England. UK



Just a quick note do say thank you MG for a wonderful spanking you gave me on Saturday at the munch. you are a lovely man and a great Spanker/Dom. Anyone who receives your ‘attention’ should consider themselves lucky. I know I cant wait till the next time you spank me!!


missnaughtycurves xxx Berdfordshire UK


If you are submissive and need a Dom to meet your needs you will have no worries meeting up with MG. A lovely, well mannered and respectful man who seems to be able to tune in to exactly what you want. I have very much enjoyed my play sessions with MG and know you will do! Xx


Lucy, Kent


We first met MG at our first munch that we had attended, last year. We received a very warm welcome by MG and his co-organisers, enjoying ourselves to the extent that we attended another event the following weekend and although very nervous we were put at ease and had a really good time again. We have continued to attend and enjoy MG’s events and have always been made to feel welcome. We also have had a mentoring/play session with MG and his slave with my “Bottom” having been spanked by MG – he is hard and fair but always spanks in an appropriate manner. We are looking forward to another session some time – soon (?)!


Lovekinks  Suffolk UK


My first spanking off MG was nearly 10 years ago, and i seem to keep going back for more 🙂 He is a lovely man and Dom and someone i think i can call a close friend. Of course he can be a W.E.B too, but i ain’t complaining. Shame i have to wait till school to visit again.


lotusminx Worcester UK


I’ve only been in the scene for a few years and still finding my way, I started chatting to MG on fet and did arrange to meet him but had car problems so had to delay 😦 i did finally meet him last year at the first spankos munch and all i can say is he is a lovely gentleman and easy to talk to and he made me feel safe and comfortable and yay finally got my spanking off him and loved it we have met up a few more times since and each time I’ve had a lovely red bottom from him. He always respects limits and your experience and if you say your safe word all plays stops and he’ll sit and talk about why and discuss any issues .



Ronni f44 xxx  Dereham  Norfolk  UK


i have found MG to be a great spanker and his school is a wonderful place to attend he is safe sane and respects limits what more can i say smiles thank you for the past and i hope for more in the future


charm  Norfolk UK


I have known MG for a while now and He is without doubt a wonderful trustworthy person with integrity and the most welcoming nature, up until recently i had not had the pleasure ..(and i truly mean pleasure) of experiencing a spanking from him that changed at the last much, it was delicious He was mindful of my pleasure at all times and left me with a very red pert bottom . Thank you MG for my leaving spank


Kitty Norfolk UK



I have been attending the MG’s events for the last 6 years. Everyone has been enjoyable and entertaining. After getting to know the participants on line and at Munchesit is great to be able to go to a suitable venue, to role play a scenario and spank all the ladies there. We have had some different school-type events, Everyone was nice and friendly and a good time was had by all. I have spanked some gorgeous bottoms at them and have met many new friends at these parties. The most notable one being the lady who is now my collared sub I make a point of being available whenever there is a party and she ensures that everyone has an excuse to spank her lovely bottom.


Peter Rossie Manchester UK



I have attended several of MG’s spanking parties and the whole experience is brilliantthe people who attend the parties are a great bunch of people The mood
is relaxed with the sole benefit of making people who attend feel really welcomeI can truly recommend the school events I would recommend them to anyone
So if your nervous about joining dont be i haven’t regretted it once and ive made some great new friends.


Paul,  Southport England