Its been sometime

img022Hello fellow spanking enthusiasts.

It has been sometime since my last blog  due to various spouts of ill health  and not having the inclination to sit at my laptop and compose a blog page .

But have no fears i have still been keeping my hand busy spanking some very nice bottoms  and will endevour to post more updates and include photos i know you all love to see.

Spanking good times to you all  in This Thing We Do .


New Year Caning

Hello everyone .

I know its been some time since my last blog but I certainly have not stopped spanking  bottoms , so time for a catch up .

This New year i visited my home city of Manchester with my girl and a cpl who are spanking friends.

Over the weekend i met up with a playmate from the area i hadn’t seen for some time  and a good caning was administrated .

Thank you Bratinplimsoles  look forward to the next time.


Hairbrush at bedtime

Well my girl is still making the same mistakes and also breaking rules , she should know better as we’re now coming up to our first year together .

As she has persistently misbehaved I had no other choice than to spank her with the ebony hairbrush something she is not a lover of  but certainly tries harder to avoid  in future.

Since her spanking she has behaved much better but as we all know this won’t last for very long

Time for a change

Hello everyone and thanks for continuing to read my Blogs  I hope you are enjoying them .

I recently split with my long term submissive of 10 years who has featured in several of my pages, but people change  and sometimes we have to accept  that things just dont work anymore and we have to move on and try something different .

For some time now I have been wanting to change my lifestyle in some ways as I no longer feel like the person i was when i first entered this wonderful scene, as im now getting older I now feel more of a Daddy Dom  and want to explore the age play side of the scene  which you may have gathered from a recent blog regarding a naughty niece .

I look forward to still sharing with all my followers worldwide and there will still be a lot of spankings just slightly in a different setting


The Headmasters Study

Well it was a very busy weekend  with lots of new people attending the my school and although I wasn’t that busy during the day just after school closed I had many a pupil in my study for some after school discipline  all were put across my knee cheeks bared and soundly spanked and some caned   by the late evenings after party I was in full throttle and spanked the evening away on some really superb bottoms  I even had a couple attend school from Norway both very nice people and she was a Norwegian beauty with a stunning bottom to good not to spank there was also a lovesick young couple who were just dying to enter the Headmasters study together and I was only to pleased to oblige them

with my hand and cane across their lovely bottoms.

All in all a wonderful school day and evening if you would like to attend my school just drop me a line we are now Global im told.

Age/Role play

Age/role play can be a very dodgy subject but has its place in this scene if it is handled in the correct way.
Age play is more about the psychological side than the physical the build up coldness and the scolding, in my Headmaster role I could have adult males queuing round the building there are so many wanting to re visit the Headmasters study for a caning, but with females its more the slipper or leather belt as used by parents at that time.
I would warn anyone thinking of regressing into a age role play scene with a adult female to talk to them in depth and find out exactly what their needs are and not just jump in wanting to give a sound beating this in general is not what its all about.
For me its not about the punishment in itself its about the control side, I personally would get no pleasure from giving a severe thrashing to anyone, mine is more about the mind games involved.

Moving on

Hello everyone

I should just like to thank all my followers and supporters and those who have helped my stats to zoom over the last 12 months,  but now its time for a change time to evolve and move onwards with a new image and a fresh ID so from now onwards  this blog will be provided by Thrashthem.