I have always believed that what people say about you is more important than what you say about yourself .Having managed several businesses and then started two of my own which ran for many years im well aware of the need to treat people with respect offer exceptional service keep your word keep to times and never let anyone down. I know its old fashioned but I truly believe that a lot of these qualities are unfortunately disappearing in todays lifestyle and in general. Some people just do not have the manors they were born with and can be so ignorant when in correspondence.

Reputations are hard earnt and can be easily damaged and this is so important when it comes to meeting new people nervously entering the scene and looking for a play partner Disciplinarian etc, in particular for a female to allow a strange male to put them over his knee for what is a very intimate act of spanking can be terrifying to some so recommendations can be so helpful .
Im fortunate to hold many testimonials written for me and have decided to add them here  so anyone reading my blogs can feel secure in contacting me for a possible future meeting leading to a session.
Thank you to all who have added these Testimonials. anyone who wishes to add their own please feel free to add as a comment


My first spanking off MG  was nearly 10 years ago, and i seem to keep going back for more 🙂 He is a lovely man and Dom and someone i think i can call a close friend. Of course he can be a W.E.B too, but i ain’t complaining. Shame i have to wait till school to visit again. lotus

Had the pleasure of meeting MG, and playing with him twice, during a recent trip to England to visit my friends. I had a lovely time with him both as a person and a play partner. I felt very comfortable with him, and got myself a nicely smacked bottom. Thanks,

Quotes i have found MG  to be a great spanker and his school is a wonderful place to attend he is safe sane and respects limits what more can i say smiles thank you for the past and i hope for more in the future
happy charm

The only way I can describe my experience with MG  is absolutely fabulous. I felt completely safe and secure from the first moment. He respects limits and goes out of his way to make certain that you enjoy the experience. Strict… Sane… Friendly… and Fun. Trust is something I do not take lightly… but I do trust MG completely. Wonderful hand technique!!!
An absolutely fabulous experience..

Quotes I have known MG  for a while now and He is without doubt a wonderful trustworthy person with integrity and the most welcoming nature,up untill recently i had not had the pleasure ..(and i truly mean pleasure) of experiencing a spanking from Thrashem that changed at the last much, it was delicious He was mindful of my pleasure at all times and left me with a very red pert bottom . Thank you MG for my leaving spank …hugs x Kitty

Quotes As a female submissive with a lot of bad experiences in my past . I was very wary of meeting another Dominant type man . Meeting MG  was a God send for me. From the first meeting.I felt comfortable and at ease . A very well known Dom within the scene.Thrashem is wise, honest and always happy to help others who are new to all this He may have a strict reputation but Thrashem is, Safe sane and consensual Always Quotes

Quotes I have known MG  to be kind honest and very friendly towards any new person he respects limits goes out of his way to help anyone and I am very happy to call him a friend you only have to see the smiles on the faces of all the people who attend any of his parties to know this to be true Quotes


Quotes While visiting my Dom in England we spent a wonderful afternoon playing with MG . It was an all around fun and a good experience! Great warm up, good hand, paddle and belt spanking. Nice caning as well. Thanks MG !FL, USA

10:27 PM on May 10, 2010 by missnaughtycurves
Just a quick note do say thank you MG  for a wonderful spanking you gave me on Saturday at the munch. you  are a lovely man and a great Spanker/Dom. Anyone who receives your ‘attention’ should consider themselves lucky. I know I cant wait till the next time you spank me!!

mnc (babyg) xxx

I have traveled to the UK twice from Canada to attend

MG’s  parties,and munches.

Like any girl I love to dress up (sexy of course), role-play,

and experience a hot bottom from all the males.

I can’t say enough of the owner of the Blog

when it comes to putting on fun filled themed spanking parties.

I wouldn’t travel this distance, if it wasn’t for the lovely dear friendships

I have made with everyone who belongs to this site

the fun is too hard to turn down. I do plan on attending more in the future;

they are quite addicting and such a fun-filled relaxing red bottom spanking time.



only as old as I feel (47)



I have attended several of MG’s  spanking parties and
the whole experience is brilliant

the people who attend the parties are a great
bunch of people

The mood
is relaxed with the sole benefit of

making people who attend feel really welcome

I can truly recommend the school events

I would recommend them to anyone
So if your nervous about joining dont be i
haven’t regretted it once and ive made some great new friends.

Paul, Male 42




I have been attending the MG’s events

for the last 6 years. Everyone has been enjoyable and entertaining.

After getting to know the participants on line and at Munches

it is great to be able to go to a suitable venue, to role play a scenario

and spank all the ladies there.

We have had some different school-type events,

Everyone was nice and friendly and a good time was had by all.

I have spanked some gorgeous bottoms at them and have

met many new friends at these parties.

The most notable one being the lady who is now my collared sub

I make a point of being available whenever there is a party

and she ensures that everyone has an excuse to spank her lovely bottom.

Peter Rossie




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